• For offensive actions you need an adequate superiority of force to make a good outcome possible. It allows you to gain and hold fire superiority and like that free the hands of a moving team taking aggressive actions. fire & maneuver.
    But what if you bump in an superior force were you can barely hold fire superiority and can’t free a hand or lost…[Read more]

  • Thanks for that contribution, JohnnyMac.

    Unfortunately I’m unable to reach the website of the first one. Do you maybe have another link or a copy you could upload?

    The second one was interesting and has some good points. Like that it supports our attrition camp letting suspect a threshold of fire effectiveness were going for kills proves…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your answer, Max.

    You say you cant split it so easily though you sound exactly like our suppression guys. Nevertheless its a valid opinion and I appreciate your personal note you added.

    I kinda see a hint for a misunderstanding so I just clarify it right away: We all agree that first you always need fire superiority. Since that means…[Read more]

  • Going on some beer with my guys after a force on force a hot debate sprung about suppression vs attrition. Discussed in general but also with support by fire positions in mind. Should you focus on suppressing or go for kills whenever possible? Basically, keeping that fire up to convince him to keep his head down or give him a chance to expose…[Read more]

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