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    Wow no shit thanks for the scoop. I bet it would run like a sewing machine at 062. Da-yum 093 is huge! Sha-zam.

  • Arms Unlimited has Colt 6920’s back in stock. So my question is to the 1st Sgt or anyone else who may know, what is the gas port dia on Colt 6920 bbls? I’d like to turn it down to 10.5 and use with a 5.56 can (AAC SR5). So my question is, would this set up still be reliable? Does Colt use a different gas port size on the 10.3″ Mk 18? Or do…[Read more]

  • It’s very interesting to see where Max’s T,T,P’s were developed, in hot spots like these around the globe. Very nice validation of the things he has taught. The SAS tribes were very tight, with frequent exchange programs until politics intervened, so you see a lot of cross-pollinization within the Commonwealth countries.

    Another good read, if…[Read more]

  • Well regardless of the eventual outcome, we now know that just the threat of this happening is enough to cause panic, which accomplishes the mission, that is, de-stabilizing the target country. If nothing else, it has given us a taste of things to come. My biggest take-away so far has been to keep things stocked up, because the shelves really do…[Read more]

  • Yeah that’s my take as well. I know there are many un-knowns(?) I also know the threat is real. But it does seem like an over-reaction in some ways. Is this just the casualty-adverse society going over-board again, to save every soul possible, and damn the consequences, or is this really necessary to prevent the spread of a really bad virus.…[Read more]

  • You know I have been following unconventioanl warfare for a long time, and this thread probably contains more truth than years of forum discussions.

    You simply cannot run a volunteer self-defense group like a line infantry outfit. You don’t have any authority, other than what respect you command from your troops. Lose that and there is…[Read more]

  • This is awesome but scares the shit out of me at the same time.

    Taking all the military trappings from it, especially the rank structure seems to be the recipe for success. Looking back at all these other organizations that tried to pull this off, they seem to have concentrated on establishing some kind of rank hierarchy and pseudo-military…[Read more]

  • I haf za compleet manual in my data base. You should too. Humans.

  • Yeah and to Max’s point, you should be analyzing the sit, and acting accordingly. In the planning stages you need to decide what the best estimate of the situation is, and that includes your ability to cross whatever terrain is in play that day, without getting caught out. What is the enemy’s strength and capabilities? What is his latest…[Read more]

  • Well, yeah that is the heart of it; how do we make time for all the shit we need to be doing. There’s a fiction novel that covers this, albeit in a goofy way, but you see the difficulty in balancing all the work that needs to be done, for a small community to survive, post-apocalypse. They worked together to bring in their first crop, build…[Read more]

  • This is truth. The Brits and Aussies have always been better at this stuff. Their Immediate Actions drills are the gold standard. If you emulate their T,T,P’s, vs falling back and calling in fires, like we are wont to do, you will probably be more successful at they small, unsupported unit level.

    Oh, wait, I think there’s a book I read about…[Read more]

  • Ha yeah it’s true I’m getting a shit-ton of work done around the house, and it’s nice to have the wife home as well.

    And yeah you’re right, gonna get that garden in this year.

  • I think the ultimate issue we are facing is creeping federalism that’s gaining control over every aspect of our lives. These other issues, including pandemics, all circle back to this existential threat to our freedoms. But it’s easy to look at everything from your fame of reference and see what’s on your mind. To a black activist, everything…[Read more]

  • If you study guerilla warfare, you will see these kinds of things all the time. In fact VC insurgents made an art form of it. One or two guys would stall whole Bn’s. Yes it’s dangerous, but in their case, terrain and situation gave them an advantage.

    You seem to be speaking with a set scenario in mind, as far as terrain, weather, visibility,…[Read more]

  • Ha well yeah I ain’t that far behind ‘ol Clint. That’s the way I was brought up. Guess we’re talkin about ancient history now.

  • Hey man I couldn’t resist. I wuz thinking of that Corey Booker thang. But not anti-polish, just an old saying. Old school we used to fuck with everybody, and everybody fucked with us, back before the PC police came around and everybody got butt-hurt. Dob-scha, or bullshit as my Pollock buds would say.

    I here what you’re layin’ down and I…[Read more]

  • You bring up two really good points. And hope all is well down your way BTW. The first is individual responsibility; take care of what needs takin’ care of. The second is business responsibility, also takin’ care of your customers.

    I think with a little common sense, the two can co-exist. No sense wrecking the economy to save the peeps.…[Read more]

  • Yeah the ACH can be drill rather easily; a regular high speed bit is all that’s needed. Go in one size larger than your screw. It’s not the drilling, it’s the lack of proper sealing that can cause contamination. So after drilling, seal the raw kevlar with good sealant; something like McNett Seam Grip or equivalent. Make sure and note where…[Read more]

  • Yeah that’s pretty much my read. I mean I know the statists are gonna try and leverage this to destroy the economy, saw that coming for sure. But I’m not letting that blind me to common sense measures.

    To me, a call to arms on the internet is like a call to get nekid and party at high mass; just not quite the right audience I suspect.

    We’ve…[Read more]

  • Here is something else to consider. A sacrificial lens up front. You do not want your obj lens unprotected. This is a simple camera clear filter lens that screws right into the obj housing. Easy and cheap on ebay. I go this route instead of GI rubber over-cover so I can use Butler Creek cover up front. Will also work with GI LIF if ya got ’em.


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