Max Talk: Crowd Funding Request

Max Talk Crowd Funding

The idea of a fundraiser was raised on the MVT forum in response to my request for advice about better video equipment, in order to improve the quality of the Max Talks. We are looking to purchase new video equipment of at least $1000 value. Also, any fundraising will not only go towards video equipment, but as far as possible towards new steel and other equipment to make the live fire instructional Max Talks better.
If you value the Max Talk series, want to see them get better, and want to see more of this free instruction, please consider donating. This was kicked off with a $100 donation. I will keep pushing what I am putting out within the bounds of what I can film.
If you would like to make a donation, please use the Payments Tab at the top of the MVT website, and mark ‘Max Talk’ on the description. Thank you!