***Last Minute CTT Spots this Weekend***

Quick post for the training site:

I just had, unrelated, two emails with cancellations for this weekend’s Combat Team Tactic Class, for various work and family health issues. This means that with total last minute cancellations, there are 4 spaces now freed up on the class. It was full at 12, now it is at 8….

The class was already discounted to $500 for the 3 days. If you want in, and can be here for 0700hrs Friday morning, email me. I will be on the ranges running RS tomorrow, but I will check email throughout the day.

The gear requirements are on the CTT training page, and the class is close to Romney WV, for outline planning purposes. Many students stay in the Koolwink Motel in Romney.

It would be shame to see those class spaces go to waste. Email me at: and we will figure the details out.

Note: Unless you are an alumni, I will take payment of at least the deposit $200 through the website CC payment form before sending you the specific directions and class info packet. OPSEC etc.