Kindle Version: ‘Patriot Rising: The Unbroken’

The kindle version is up, in the kindle store on HERE. It is early days so they have not yet linked the paperback and kindle versions under the same title. After 24 hours, you should be able to find both versions with the same search.

FWIW: I think you will do better with the print version, due to the number of maps and diagrams in the book, which are there to explain the action. It may be easier to leaf back and forth for reference in the paperback version?

Trivia: the fighters on the front cover of the book, are in fact your MVT cadre! Near to far: Max, Scott, Lee. The photos were taken on the road on the way up to the new square range, and Tony Mauro, who is the cover artist, worked his magic by adding in the road and vehicles, plus the action.