June 5-7 CTT – Follow On Training

I have had a request from a  student, who is booked on the June 5-7 Combat Team Tactics (CTT) class, for follow on training for the Monday/Tuesday because he is in the area. If I do this, it is an opportunity to put on something open enrollment, whether you stick around after CTT, or if you just do that part. I realize it would be a Monday/Tuesday so it is not ideal. I’ll put this out to sniff the air.

My thoughts right now are a two day land navigation class. People have been crying out for land navigation. It would be Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 of June. Probably including night navigation on the Monday night, optional. Cost would be cheaper than normal, because there is no live firing. $200 for the 2 days.

Due to the rifleman challenge, I now have a full orienteering course laid out at the MVT site.

There are also spaces still available on that June 5-7 CTT class.

Suggestions/interest please.