June 22/23 Training Weekend AAR # 2

About The Area:
Romney WV being the closest town to the training area, I found it to be a quaint little town that actually sleeps at night, but with some surprising conveniences. Oh, and a great little diner, of which the name escapes me, but good food….Great People! 
About The Instructor:
If you envision getting off the bus at Paris Island, or Ft. Jackson to an awaiting “IN YOUR FACE” DI, sorry, your in the wrong place. From the moment you meet Max, you cannot help but like him. He is very friendly and courteous. To use an old American term, ‘he’s a regular Joe’. His experience is never flaunted but is apparent.He will not push you to go farther. (you will push yourself) If these are your worries, You’ve run out of excuses to attend. 
About The Training Course:
Max gives each attendee the benefit of doubt that they are generally competent with their weapons and gear, but be assured, safety is paramount, as it should be. As Max will tell you, the training, it’s all basic, but putting it to practice will be very telling in a number of areas: Things like:
a) your ability to put accurate fire on targets with the flow of adrenaline and a bit of tunnel vision.
b) how well your gear holds up, and how well your load-out works for you. (my gear held up well, but I found changes that I will make.(or add)
c) your PT may not be up to standard. (I intend to up grade and return) d)”TEAMWORK” is all-important.
Expect to ramp it up every-time you go up range with the need for more teamwork and communication. You will feel the need for speed. 
In Closing:
Ammo is expensive now. So is gas. Time is valuable. It’s also short!
Spend the money, take the time, it’s worth both. A confidence booster, and an ego slayer at the same time. 
Thanks Max! Until next time. 
An old army tanker