June 22/23 Training Weekend AAR # 1

AAR on June Training Session 

Having no military experience I jumped at the chance to attend Max’s 2 day training session in June. I drove from a couple of states away and I must say that I was NOT disappointed in the class. First of all, Max is a very friendly, approachable and engaging Patriot. Secondly, he runs a very well organized session. Thirdly, he runs a very SAFE class. Safety is a primary concern with Max and it shows. From the lecture on gun safety to the well-timed rest/water breaks he puts his students first and that is commendable. His training is very real-world and that starts with his amazing location deep in the hills. His “been there, done that” experience level gave me an angle I’d never heard before. We finished up on the second day with a little extra time so Max graciously did an excellent 45 minute lecture on TC3. I look forward to taking other classes from Max Velocity in the future and highly recommend them to others.