July/August Training Weekend Update

I may have been mistaken about the reason behind the numbers on the July and August training weekends. Apparently it is not concerns about the heat that have kept people away, but simply that July is not a good month to schedule training. Next year, I will likely leave July off the schedule.

The August 3/4 weekend is almost full, just a couple of spots left for the taking. It’s shaping up well. If you want one of those final slots, once I get the deposit, the slot is secured.

The July 20/21 weekend is barely making the numbers to prevent it being cancelled. In fact, its not making it, and it should be cancelled, but having been in  touch with those who have booked I am going ahead with it anyway.

Two reasons:

1) They still want to come and I don’t like to let people down and

2) I’d rather be training people anyway.

Because I have the site at my property I don’t lose money anyway, and as stated its not really all about the money (well, it helps!) but I’d still rather be training people.

If you want to jump on the July 20/21 weekend to make up some more numbers, send me the deposit to secure the slot. It’s $300 for the weekend. HERE is the link to the main training post with all the info.

Live Hard, Die Free.