July 20/21 Training Weekend

I have offered discounts on the July 20/21 and August 3/4 Training Weekends (LINK HERE) after I started to figure out that these two weekends didn’t seem too popular due to worries about the summer heat.

These two weekends are still being offered at a 25% discount, which is $300 per person for the weekend. Camping is available at no cost on site if you prefer, so the main other costs are travel and ammunition. There are also hotels/motels and formal campgrounds close by. 
The August weekend is filling up well, although there are still a few spots available if you are interested. For some reason, the July weekend is not proving popular. Did I miss something with the scheduling? I would like to at least decently fill this course, making for a better experience for everyone.
I’ll not deny it will likely be hot (or it could be raining, who knows!) but hydration and rest will be managed and the training is in the shade of the tree canopy (unlike a square range), so mainly humidity is the issue rather than direct sunlight. I was out working in an open area of my property this last weekend and I noticed how much harsher it was out there in the sun rather than under the canopy at the training site. 
HERE is the LINK to the main post about the training weekends. Look on the right side of this blog under the blog archive for numerous AARs from previous training weekends. There is also more detail and testimonials/AARs on my website HERE.
To secure your spot on the course I require a $100 deposit, after which I will send you the joining instruction packet. The training site is near to Romney, WV.

You can PayPal me the deposit using the PayPal buttons on the site or blog, or to this email address: Please include a note telling me which weekend it is for. Alternatively mail me a check or money order in good time (and email me to let me know you did) to: Max Velocity Tactical, PO Box 671, Occoquan, VA 22125.

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