July 10-12 Weekend: CTT & C3

A short note as I head off the for the 6 Day Combined class:

I have space on both the July 10-12 Combat Team Tactics Class and the inaugural Civilian Close Combat Class that same weekend. There was some rescheduling which meant the August CTT filled up (1 space left) but it freed some space on the July 10-12 CTT Class.

Class Schedule

Training Calendar

I know its fairly shot notice and most people don’t like to move that fast, but you do get the summer discount on the CTT class ($500 total for the 3 day class). If you go to the payment page and follow the instructions, just send in the full amount (not deposit only) and email me.

Payment Page

On another note, I am working towards getting credit card payment ability on the payment page. I won’t be able to get that set up till I get back from this 6 day.