Jul/Aug Summer Training Specials

I’ve started to figure out that many don’t want to train over the summer, given the inquiries I’ve had about it. Having been up at the site working on the ranges over the weekend, I feel you. However, in the trees you are out of direct sunlight so it is shaded and not as hot as it is in the open.
Drink water, then keep drinking it!
Train hard, fight easy.
Given that, I am going to offer training specials for the July 20/21 and August 3/4 training weekends: 25% discount. This makes the course $300 per person for the weekend.
HERE is the LINK to the POST
You can also click on the training opportunities tab at the top of this blog to go directly to the page on my website with all the details.
The training, although you will have to exert yourself on the lanes, is set up with frequent rest/water breaks in the shade and I follow the crawl/walk/run training philosophy. I will not push you beyond your physical ability and  I always keep a close eye on how the students are doing: otherwise it could become a safety issue. This is not a drill instructor/basic training style course and is set up to allow an optimal learning experience over the two days.
Basically, don’t be afraid of it! 
Live hard, die free!