Is MVT still Open? Can only Alumni train?

MVT is still open! We are currently running classes and have a schedule posted for 2023. The schedule is a work in progress.

I have simply moved the class schedule from the general website onto the forum in the MVT TRAINING CLUB.

This is why the training schedule page appears to be empty. But there is an explanation at the top of the page!

There appears to be a misunderstanding that only alumni can train. I am not sure where this came from. Any newbies to MVT can join the FORUM (at no cost), view the training schedule, and sign up for classes by emailing me.

New students are welcome!

All that is required is forum registration (free) in order to join the MVT Training Club.

The current schedule, posted on the 2023 Class Schedule Forum Post, is as follows:

TEXAS 1: Sunday 19th Feb – Saturday 25 February. Alumni Only. Link to info page.

TEXAS 2: Sunday 25 Feb – Saturday 4th March. Alumni Only. Link to info page.

First series of 2023 Romney classes scheduled:

HEAT 1: 20 – 23 April – we do have space available in this class. This is our entry point class for MVT training.

HEAT 2: 4 – 7 May

RECON: 18 – 21 May

CQB: 22-25 June.

HEAT 1: 13-16 July.

Squad Tactics: 21-24 September.

Night Ops: 27 – 29 Oct.

Remainder: scheduling incomplete.

Booking classes: send me an email at to check for space on the class. Then send the deposit ($400) by check or money order to me at:

Max Velocity Tactical, 15191 Montanus Drive #127, Culpeper, VA 22701.

The reason there is not a complete schedule for the year posted, is that we have a new system via the forum – under the MVT Training Club we have the Organizing Classes sub-forum. This is a way that students can let me know about demand for classes, and based on that, I can schedule them.