Interruption to Service

I’m currently in the middle of moving house, so blog service is a little interrupted. 
The training weekend is going ahead on the 14th as planned.
We have made the decision to move out of our HOA townhouse, operated by the Stasi collective, to a lease on a rather more run down place with a little bit of acreage and the ability to keep animals, a barn etc. Its also thirty minutes closer to my training site, making the commute to training better. Its not a a bug out location, we are still within the grasp of DC for our day jobs, but it’s a better quality of life. 
In fact, this place is close by to some new sub-division McMansion developments. The rural area round there is selling to developers. So effectively with a pond, a well, and some animals we are the larder for the surrounding suburban zombies when SHTF. So we won’t be hanging around! Picture a bug-out trailer heading to WV with chickens and sheep, and the occasional horse, hanging off the back….not tacticool at all…;-)
But if its an EMP, the horses will be towing the trailer…..
Live Hard, Die Free.