Information & Intelligence Training: The MVT Forum Grows


In line with the move to a $25 per year subscription on the MVT Forum, we have been developing the online tactical training and information & intelligence training strands. ‘G.W.N.S.’ is heading up the Information & Intelligence side and has already been ramping up the effort.

G.W.N.S. sends, July 28:

With this “next step” for the MVT Forum in general, the Information & Intelligence Sub-Forum in particular, and with its many new members I thought it prudent to share a little about me and the planned direction of this sub-forum.

I am retired military with over 20 years of service. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in Joint Operations Worldwide with members of all U.S. Branches of the Armed Forces and many of it’s Coalition Allies including the GWOT.

My relevant background includes, but is not limited to:

Sensor Operations and Analysis

To date I have chosen to let my words speak for itself rather than rely on a DD214/Resume.

I have done this for my own personal privacy; primarily because of the many “Nuts” on the Web, certainly not because of any Government fears. It is the Government after all that provided the training and the opportunity to gain this knowledge and experience, they already know who I am.

I am confident that those who truly have “Been there, done that!” recognize the validity of my statements and this provides all the validation I require.

Lastly my personal desire for privacy isn’t an attempt to imply I was a member of any special unit or any other grand implication.

Information & Intelligence direction and goals:

To demystify the Intelligence process and provide concrete application of its use relevant to our needs both now and “Post-Event.”

Much like Max has done with SUT for armed citizens, we need to not just rehash military doctrine, but adapt it for our specific needs.

Demonstrate practical application of critical thinking skills with the goal of encouraging MVT members to conduct their own analysis on topics of concern and share this analysis with our MVT community.

Analysis submitted will be based on known facts, with any assumptions clearly defined and separated as such, and professionally critiqued without insult or taking offense by the Analyst.

This analysis will be the “icing on the cake” in this effort, the real value being the skills acquired by participating MVT members.

There are many sites providing solid information and coverage of relevant facts, however what separates Intelligence from information/facts is the rational analysis by an Analyst.

Provide a venue for these Analysts to apply and practice these skills, taking them from the theoretical to the practical.

By developing the practical application of relevant Intelligence products by interested MVT Forum members we will increase their awareness and survival in whatever our future holds.

Remember this will require your participation, reading books/posts, and listening to instruction while helpful, it will not give you the skills you need.

To develop these skills you must use them regularly, it isn’t just a check in the block one time event.

The main focus will be on practical application of Intelligence methods applicable to our needs.