Inaugural Combat Rifle Manipulation (CRM) Class – 31 May / 01 June

Are you signed up for the inaugural Combat Rifle Manipulation (CRM) Class 31 may / 01 June.?If not why not?

I have heard nothing but great stuff about Aaron, who is the instructor. Here are some AARs mentioning Aaron:

(Do you think I would have taken him on if he wasn’t excellent? I suspect he will be a famous trainer some time soon).

AAR: Rifle Manipulation Primer (RMP) 2 May – Jack: “Aaron was our instructor. When you meet Aaron you know you have encountered someone special. Soft spoken, well mannered, sincere and serious. For a young man he has way more battle experience than most. He has been there and knows what works and what does not. He understands what we may encounter someday and wants to prepare all of us for that day so we can prevail. That is the kind of man I want teaching me how to run my rifle.”

AAR: Rifle Manipulation Primer (RMP) 2 May – CG: “The instructor – Aaron.  Value added all the way around.  Aaron is quietly confident and well experienced in a manner that can only be developed from exposure to the real world.  As important to the potential student, Aaron has a genuine passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge.  Not just getting through the material but making sure the student absorbs the material.”

AAR: TC3/RMP & CRCD 2-4 May: Rick: “Aaron had command presence, confidence, and impressed his knowledge on the class in a manner that engaged all. I knew the skills that were covered, but now I know the how and the why.”

CRM can be taken as a standalone class, as part of a progression towards CRCD (as the connective between rifle fundamentals and tactical training) or even after you have taken one or several CRCD’s, in order to improve your skill level.

You are never done training!

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