I forgot the GoPro!!!

This past weekend at Combat Team Tactics (CTT) we had an excellent class. We ran the new Squad Attack for the first time. I have completely changed the squad attack from what we had before, and I am really excited about it. as the final capstone exercise of the class, it brings together everything we learn over the weekend.

(Tip: this is now a fully legit flanking squad hasty attack with an immediate and depth objective, shift fires, all that. It also involves PT, in order to get around the hill to the right flank. Not for the faint hearted!)

This weekend, an alumni student (who I shall let remain anonymous unless he chooses otherwise!), brought a fully auto 1919 30.06 machine gun, complete with T&E tripod mount, plus 500 belted rounds. Oh yeah baby!

So we had it set up on the hill, sector sticks and gun targets in place, to provide support to the squad attack. We used it to both initiate the squad attack with flanking fire, and then provide support to the attack as it went in.

As I was loading my gear for the weekend, I thought to myself “I won’t need the GoPro, I’m not planning on filming anything.” Idiot. How much do I regret that? I wish I had the GoPro tripod set up behind the gun, filming the whole thing.