This is a very insightful post:

III Percent Patriots: The fallacy of the “Legitimacy of Government” resi…: If my analysis in the below post is accurate, we will begin to see a new level of brazen use of Government force as a weapon by the Polit…

It references taking tactical training classes with Mosby. DO IT.

I also offer real tactical training at the MAX VELOCITY TACTICAL WEBSITE

I cannot recommend enough that you get real tactical training for the coming Collapse. I don’t care who trains you, just  make sure they know what they are doing. Mosby does. I do. Others do also.

I’m not really in  the traning side to make money, I do it because I love teaching tactics and I want good people to survive and remake this great country after the collapse.

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You will see from my previous posts that I am also working with Charlie at Rally Point LLC so we can really tailor the training you need depending on your specific requirements.

Meanwhile, work on my fictional novel continues….