How to attend MVT Training Classes

Attending training at MVT, the way we schedule and book classes, has changed. It hasn’t been done to make things easier, and it has gone in the wrong direction of any ‘ecommerce’ considerations! No apologies here – MVT training is designed for motivated individuals and, given a little prompting from posts such as this, it is easy to point you in the right direction.

Given the quality of ‘tactical training’ (or lack of) that is found across this nation, MVT stands head and shoulders above in terms of the tactical realism, safety, and applied tactical learning found on MVT classes. It’s worth it to invest in yourself and make an effort to get onto an MVT class.

You will notice that the Training Calendar is empty. Any remaining classes for 2022 have been transferred to the MVT Forum, to the MVT Training Club sub-forum. They are listed there – but you need to be a member of the MVT Training Club (free, but requires registration onto the forum). In order to book onto those classes, you simply send me an email (, and on confirmation there is a space available, you send me a the deposit to confirm that space. The explanation of this is at the top of the Training Calendar:

In the MVT Training Club there are two sub-forums. One is to list classes that are already happening (‘Training Opportunities’). The other one (‘Organizing Classes’) is designed for club members to get together and decide what and when they want classes to run – it just has to be confirmed with my availability, doing a date range is better. The purpose of this is to ensure that we have interested students before we put on a class.

There is a pinned post:

Direction on the MVT Training Club.