HEAT 2 April 25 – 28: Space Available – Don’t miss this excellent class!

Guys, we have spaces on the HEAT 2 class April 25-28.

This is NOT the old combat patrol class and there is no overnight portion. It is a direct follow-on from HEAT 1 and focuses at squad level – HEAT 1 revision drills, recce, ambush, raid. Awesome stuff. We also do some cool stuff like the full move/fire attack etc.

Don’t be intimidated!

I will also be prerequisite for HEAT 3 which I have not organized yet, but which is scheduled to run 21-23 June.


Hostile Environment Advanced Tactics 2 (HEAT 2) is a four day class which moves beyond the HEAT 1 class, covering essential tactics, techniques and procedures (T.T.P.s) to allow you to detect, assess and reduce hostile threats in an unconventional kinetic environment.  It will give you the knowledge and training that you will need to not only defend your home base, but also to know what techniques hostile forces may use against you. Topics include:

  • Patrol Techniques.
  • Gear: carriage and use.
  • Reconnaissance.
  • Ambush.
  • Raid.
  • Ground Domination Activity (GDA) / Security Patrolling.

It is a requirement to have attended Hostile Environment Advanced Tactics 1 (HEAT 1) prior to HEAT 2. This class will involve tactical movement, actions on contact including break contact drills, ambush, raid and reconnaissance patrols. This is a live fire class.