Guest Post: Mr. White – More on Gear

In response to my recent post on GEAR, which in itself was in reponse to my other post on BODY ARMOR/PLATE CARRIERS, I had an excellent email come in from Mr. White. He blogs HERE. With hs permission, I have reproduced his email below, along with the attached document he sent me with a great deal of detail on avalable tactical gear.

Gear is a personal thing. Research it and get what works for you. I hope that by putting out useful information we can help you in your search. So, gear is a little like tactics, which is in turn a little like assholes, ‘cos at the end of the day, eveyone has one. I’m always a sucker for some ‘gucci’ tactical gear.

Here are some words of wisdom from a fellow tactical gear enthusiast:

Mr Velocity,

I found your page through a series of blog trails, from CSG to Arctic Patriot, to you. I have done a fair bit of research and dabble in making my own gear. I attached a file that is a composition for people like us. It’s a balance of a three tiered system we all use when it comes to gear. I hope it’s helpful.

  1. Armor (Covert and Overt)
  2. Battle Belt
  3. Chest Rig/Over vest

That Gear Sniper that caught the UV deterioration of the thread was spot on. Using specific weights of thread and types is the difference between having your pouches and gear fall off of you, or not. I know that skills trump gear, it was the first thing I learned from CSG. But man, does gear ever make life easier. Given the choice between the LBV and a new MOLLE system… In any case, gear is something I enjoy talking about, making, and most of all using.

Something else I noted while reading your gear post was our difference in opinion on mag pouches. Seemingly a small detail. I’m of the opinion of buying universal pouches. I already find myself in the two platform position. With an SR and an AR to feed, as well as a G19 and a P220 (respectively). Having two full kits for each platform is far and away beyond my budgetary means so I went the universal pouch route. It also keeps consistency, and versatility. What about the day when I get an AK? (Velocity Comment: I tend to standardize weapons/calibers so going simply for 5.56 is no problem, but your point is well taken)

As I said I make my own kit and have been trying to adapt a universal pouch similar to the Hard Point and HSGI pouches, but original in concept. I won’t bore you with pouch building details. I just wanted to bring it to your attention that there is an overall less expensive way for multi-platformers. It is also much less expensive money wise to make your own equipment, time wise it’s incredibly expensive. Materials are less than likely to be banned in any form, and the equipment is relatively easy to make with simple sewing lessons. Mike from DIY Tactical is a premier example of making your own gear.

The gear aspect is something I’ve noticed, in my group, that gets seriously neglected and I am working on it.

I hope my list helped you in some way.

The list:

  1. Battle Belt

  2. Plate Carrier

  3. Chest Rig
Battle Belt:
Immediate access Pouches:
Medical/Storage/Misc. Pouches (Belt & Chest Rig):
Plate Carrier: Overt and Covert(OV/CO):
Chest Rig:

What would I buy off the shelf?