GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME! Culpeper / Virginia!

Posted on the Culpeper County 2A FaceBook page (of which I am a moderator) and also on the MVT Facebook page:


“The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed…..”

This may seem to you to be a political / Facebook struggle right now. Making some noise to hope to avoid the promised plans from the Democrat majority in the 2020 session. But make no mistake, this is EXACTLY the kind of tyranny that the 2A is there to prevent. Do not sit in denial. Thus, it is possible that on July 1 2020, you may become a felon, for standing by your natural and enumerated right to self-defense. It is your duty as a free citizen to NOT ALLOW THE 2A TO BE INFRINGED.

We are not here making threats, and I don’t really want to see any in comments. Chest beating is pointless. We are standing by as free citizens, and you need to get your head in the game in terms of what it may mean depending on what comes down the pike from Richmond. To me, there is no course of action other than to ensure that MY (YOUR) RIGHTS are not infringed. As such, you will very likely need to be prepared to ACT in SELF-DEFENSE should Richmond send armed men against you. That this may happen is totally un-American, and seems almost impossible in our times of peace and prosperity. But it appears we are there, on the very cusp of that tyranny. If we do not stand, then we lose it for all that come after us. It is a civic duty as free American citizens.

I am a tactical trainer and professional soldier. I run a company called Max Velocity Tactical. I am resident in Culpeper, with a training facility in Romney, West Virginia, and run classes across the country. We train responsible citizens in firearms and infantry tactics, and run pre-deployment training for US Special Operations Forces. My vision with the company is to provide real training to keep the good folks (you) alive. I would, in principle, be happy to train groups of Culpeper Volunteers, in order to improve their ability to defend themselves and their families.

I advise you to work on your preparations. Physical fitness, equipment, and training. I will post a video here from my YouTube channel with a little bit of information. Filmed in my backyard right here in Culpeper – soon to be illegal on July 1st 2020.