Gear System: Philosophy, Set Up, Use, Fitness & Mindset


I get many questions about my gear setup. It is also a perennial topic on the MVT Forum, and of course across the internet. It’s an important subject. Many people ask me specific questions about my gear setup and make/brand of equipment items, and so here I will attempt to give some guidance not in terms of specific brands of gear, but what I am trying to do when I set up my equipment. It is also important to note that gear is no use without training, and the focus by so many on gear is often either 1) part of the process of getting ready for training, or 2) a dead end pursuit that has limited purpose. Be in the first group. You must actually use your gear, and see what works for you, and not fall for that common mindset that gear can be bought, tried on, and then left on the shelf for a rainy day. I will therefore talk a little about physical readiness, and actual use of gear, as part of this post.

For questions on gear brands and specific examples, there are plenty of experts on the MVT Forum and I urge you to start discussions there.

Why this post? Because I want to help those who are genuinely attempting to set up a gear system as part of a training and readiness program. And on the flip side, I will attempt to wake up those who are simply bluffing themselves in terms of their physical and training readiness, and their ability to even function in their chosen gear when necessary.

I must also add that my gear setup changes, as I evolve, find new products, adjust etc. I was asked recently about suspenders on my Lite Battle Belt. More about that in detail later. But yes, I had added pouches and suspenders to my Lite BB, and now I have removed them. Just like in tactical training, don’t look for absolutes, but principles and ideas – take what you see others do, and what works for you, and evolve it into a system that is best for you.

As a side note, it seems to be silly season on Facebook right now, with a number of ‘groups’ posting photos of ‘training.’ My words to you are: get in shape and get some real training. You may want to also check out my recent posts ‘Thoughts on Camouflage Clothing‘ and ‘‘Team Coyote’ – Gear‘ to get some perspective on looking professional and profile / posture considerations. Team Coyote is about Proficiency, Presentation and Professionalism.


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