Gear Review: MVT 556 Patrol Chest Rig: Hello Kitty


Gear review

MVT ‘556 Patrol’ Chest Rig
Max asked me to review the MVT 556 Patrol Chest Rig.  I ran this rig in this past week’s Rifle Skills + Combat Team Tactics course.
My overall impression with the workmanship was very positive.  The stitching was excellent and the cuts were uniform.  It was obviously constructed professionally.  As compared to cheap knock offs like condor.
My set up had 2 TT canteen pouches on each end to house a full IFAK and any radios,etc.  I also had a pouch each end on the outside for smoke and admin.  I ran a plate carrier and I attached the chest rig directly to my PC using Swift Clips.  It worked well but you can also use the H harness to sling chest rig over your plates per your preference.  (BTW Esstac boar chest rig is not capable of attaching directly to a PC).
Above: ‘Hello Kitty’s’ rig attached over the top of his armor carrier.
Comparison to the Mayflower UW rig and the Esstac Boar rig-  I have used both of these.
  – MVT H harness and the Mayflower are similar and are both very comfortable.  The Esstac Boar harness is not.  And you have to upgrade to make it better.  But IMO didn’t help that much.
  – MVT uses kydex inserts for mag retention.  This is superior.  Esstac has this but the Mayflower uses the strap retention.
  – MVT has a molle front, which allows you to custom set up your pouches on front.  Mayflower does not have.  Esstac has a molle front.  The pouches on the Mayflower rig use Velcro closures which is loud.  MVT has pouches for sale with tab closures which is silent.
  – MVT is slim lined in front.  This is desirable because it is more comfortable when prone and keeps you lower to the ground.  Ever bruised your sternum diving prone before?  Mayflower has sewn attached pouches on the front so a no-go.  Esstac theoretically should be slim lined but it isn’t.  It is capable of switching out mag pouches to fit 5.56 and .308.  Just like the MVT Versa chest rig.  But the Esstac engineering is not to my liking.  It is bulky in front.  Add pouches and you look pregnant.
  – MVT rig has 6 single mag pouches on front. Mayflower only has 4 single mag pouches.  Esstac has 6 single mag pouches.
  – MVT has a map pouch and a compass pouch on inside of rig centerline.  Mayflower has a similar pouch.  Esstac has none.
In summary, when comparing these three rigs.  Mayflower and Esstac has some of the features you want in a chest rig.  The MVT has all of them. Esstac is uncomfortable and bulky.  Mayflower is loud, a bit too bulky in front due to pouch placement and only holds 4 mags with strap retention.
MVT is the way to go.


For a more slim lined rig, take a look at the MVT 556 Responder Rig: