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        Last nite I went on a drive to pick up a EOtech 512 slightly used.
        I inspected it carefully to make sure its genuine (A how-to is stickied in Gear Talk subforum)

        The 2 perennial rivals, what I call ” cheapest of the professional grade” ones are the AIMPOINT PRO and the EOtech512/517.

        (A short review for those new to electrooptics:)
        The Aimpoint PRO , is rugged, looks great and has 50,000 of battery life on one some watch battery.
        Heck carry a spare and you basically have a lifetime of shooting with you.
        it works of LED technology thats why its so power efficient.
        A lot of guys dont even bother to shut them off.

        The EOtech 512 need 2 AA batteries which last about 1000 hrs IF you use the best AA batterys money can buy.. the energizer Ultra Lithium. So this system uses bigger/hevaier batteries and needs ot replace them more often.
        And the sight doesnt look as cool as the Aimpoint POR>
        Why would anyone want it?
        Simple Visual performance.
        The Holographic weapons sight uses a reticle that is projected by lasters onto the glas in front of you. It is 100% paralax free at all times (unlike the Aimpoint which is only 90% paralax free).

        The reticle with a small 1 MOA dot surrounded by a graduated circle makes for both faster acquisition at short ranges and more fine shooting using the 1 MOA dot instead of the AIMpoints 2 or even 4 MOA dot.

        So When I got this exra ET 512 I took off my AIMpoint PRO off my LWRC M6. The Aimpoint then got mounted on another gun.

        So I had to zero in two rifles tonite.
        The zeros were quick and uneventful but it was fun to use the EOtech again. :bye:

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