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      First Sergeant

        I had a routine medical exam at my local VA clinic today. Just the standard blood work, pee in a cup, blood pressure, check of eyes, ears and throat. Just normal, right?

        Until it isn’t.

        I brought up some swelling that I had in the calf of my right leg. Didn’t really bother me, I thought it was related to my knee that I have had issues with since the meniscus tear during my last tour in Afghanistan.

        As soon as the Doc saw my leg he immediately said “blood clot”. So off to the VA hospital for an ultrasound and it was confirmed. Then the time spent in the VA ER waiting to be examined.

        So I am now on blood thinners and I can’t travel or do the stuff I normally do until this thing is no longer a threat to my life.

        What a way to spend the day right? Just a routine exam. No worries, I feel good, I have lost a little weight, ready for classes to get started up again.

        My point with all of this is not sympathy. It is to draw your attention to the fact that just because you feel good doesn’t mean that everything is good. If it hadn’t been for that scheduled exam today and me saying something, God only knows what might have happened. Something as insignificant as minor swelling turned out to be something that could have ended up having major repercussions for me and my family.

        Don’t ignore those “routine” annual or bi-annual medical checkups. If something feels off, it could be worse than what you initially thought it was.

        Why is this under Leadership? To be able to lead and take care of others you have to take care of yourself.

        Signal Out, Can You Identify
        Je ne regrette rien
        In Orbe Terrum Non Visi

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          Hope you are getting good care.

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            @First Sergeant – I pray that you get this taken care of and recover soon. Probably about time for me to go in for a checkup, but since turning 50, seems all they want to do is stick something up my ass. :wacko: :scratch: :negative:

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              Best Wishes Scott. Please take care. @wes
              definitely go, if you need the butt-cam then you need it… they will roofie you anyway so you won’t mind so much.

              We are fortunate to have great medical care available but it doesn’t do you any good if you don’t use it.

              Scott went to the VA-all of you Vets out there can do the same. If you have private insurance but never go to the Dr. you aren’t getting your $ worth

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                Good thing they found it. Those things can migrate and do some serious damage.

                Hopefully it will dissolve and it will all go away.

                Hang tough.

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                First Sergeant

                  Thanks guys.

                  Signal Out, Can You Identify
                  Je ne regrette rien
                  In Orbe Terrum Non Visi

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                    Prayers for your quick recovery!

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                      Definite prayers for your recovery. ( I have alot more abuse to give you :yahoo: )

                      I will also echo about getting regular checkups.

                      About a month ago I slipped in the snow resulting in torn arm muscles. Upon getting checked by a doctor, an MRI or a CATSCAN, ( I don’t remember which ), I have been diagnosed with an enlarged spleen & liver, among a few other smaller things. I am waiting on doctors call to see what the treatment direction will be.

                      Like others have said, Get regular checkups.

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                        Glad to hear they found it early! My cousin had one and it has since dissolved and he’s doing great. Prayers on a speedy recovery!

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