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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        I have mentioned this before…

        In First Sergeant’s excellent thread “Observations and some advice” there are many comments that apply.

        If you haven’t read it I suggest you do, if you have it may be worth a second look.

        Polypro X-Static Sock Liners for field work, they help wick moisture away from skin, help prevent friction that causes blisters, and the X-Static helps greatly with hygiene.


        Proven by United States special forces, NASA, and Olympic athletes X-STATIC has a rich heritage of delivering superior performance.

        The benefits of X-STATIC have been validated by studies at prestigious institutions throughout the world for more than a decade.

        For more than 2,000 years, silver has been used for it’s antimicrobial properties in everything from drinking vessels to military field dressings. Now, with our superior technology we deliver the benefits of silver to textiles. We combine best in class antimicrobial & anti-odor protection with the benefit of body temperature regulation.

        X-STATIC is made by permanently bonding 99.9% pure metallic silver to the surface of the fiber. Not a nanotechnology or a complex
        chemical formula, just natural silver.

        X-STATIC fibers and fabrics deliver 100% surface area of silver to maximize performance, yet they remain soft and flexible.

        X-Static is used in many different products including T-shirts, briefs/boxers, and thermal underwear.

        Why do I emphasize this?

        Living in the field you will lack many of the methods of hygiene we tend to take for granted. Use of these with just the occasional water rinse will prevent most of the “funk” that lack of hygiene causes.

        Of course there are many field expedient ways for practicing hygiene in the field that you should also learn.

        Surplus Poly pro with X-Static is available too and makes an excellent value.

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          Yeah it does work. The PCU stuff is mostly nylon with silver woven in and it does reduce stank from the old poly pro stuff.

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