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        I have noticed a pattern of comments over time from guys who are trying to assess space available on classes, I guess by entering numbers of tickets to buy and seeing if it will take on the booking system.

        The news for you is that this may not be correct. When I set up the class event, I add the number of spaces on the class. But I’m not very good at adjusting that once I get non-standard bookings. This is how HEAT 1 in March got overbooked.

        Non-Standard bookings can come in many formats, where people have paid me via the payment form rather than via the event ticket. That means I should be manually adjusting the number of spaces available, but things get busy.

        Examples of non-standard bookings:

        Cabin Club, paid by payment tab.
        Cabin Club, paid by tick system but using one ticket for two people.
        Alumni who don’t realize (or would rather ignore) there is no deposit system anymore and insist on sending me a deposit via the payment tab.
        Canceled classes where I have moved someone.
        Odd bookings like doing the last two days of HEAT 1 because they have done HEAT 0.5.
        and it goes on.

        I suggest that if you want a place on a class, book it, rather than playing with the system.

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