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      D Close

        A good how to vid on wound packing using both gauze with compression and the Oleas dressing.

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          Good stuff! :good:

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            You did mention that the 18D chose these over the Israeli Bandage.

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              Its a wonderful video and true to the scope of the issue presented. Initial packing of a wound for hemorrhage control is VERY fast and with minimal or no debridement of the wound ( this was not an example of that btw). There will be subsequent visits to the operating theater every day til things are cleaned out to minimize infection and probably a delayed closure of same. And,forget the western flics where ‘Doc’ pulls the bullet out and drops in the pan. BS. Stop bleeding, clean it up, and depending upon the situation, yeah, if the projectile, shrapnel is there and handy, take it out. but not a priority.

              Preventable Causes of Combat Death

              60% Hemorrhage from extremity wounds
              33% Tension pneumothorax
              6% Airway obstruction e.g., maxillofacial trauma
              * Data is extrapolated from Vietnam to present day Iraq and Afghanistan

              So carry that tourniquet, maybe two. Take a class or two on emergency
              medical care, hell, Max does a great TCCC course, not sure if still being made available, but great nonetheless.

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