Whistles in SUT – Best Practices?

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        I’m not a loud person and making myself heard over loud noises has always been a problem. It got me to thinking about the use of the whistle in armies past and I thought I’d ask about it here. Is it still practical for what we’re preparing for here?

        There isn’t much in specifics that I can find on the web. An exception here – it’s 45 seconds of German Army whistle signals and what they mean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2Mb6hnfo0A

        What do we think? Worth getting into or leave it in the bin?

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          I think the shock of having to resort to such methods will be a heavy surprise for many ppl when the batteries all run out and solar panels are scares..


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            Whistle use is a definite yes. You’ll see me using it at various times on Combat Patrol. Signalling various phases of, for example, the ambush. Or shifting fire, signals for which you need to work out in advance.

            Get one of those loud coach style whistles with the ball in it for a piercing noise.

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              Ball is the best type. They seldom clog with repetitive use depending on the quality. Cork is best. I use a whistle religiously during bear season and no ball usually means spit will load up inside much thicker and much faster..


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