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      D Close

        Max Velocity wrote:

        A very interesting read:

        NATO using Al Qaeda rat lines to flood Syria with Foreign Terrorists

        So potted history: we support The Mujahideen in Aghanistan to wage proxy was on the USSR, which results in the Taliban and Al Qaeda bases in Afghanistan.

        Now we support the same Islamist extremist terror forces in Libya and Syria in order to wage proxy war on Iran via its ally Syria….these are the same forces we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

        Futility is continually doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

        There will be tears before bedtime.

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          Damn, that is an interesting, and quite sobering article.

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            And thanks to what might be loosely termed an immigration policy those same rat lines slowly build in what might have been termed “our homelands.” Think of those rat bastards in Boston, IMO many more people knew about their little operation than just the two brothers.

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