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          It sounds like an accurate description of that small subset of the urban jungle. Certainly that is a part of the golden horde which we will all have to be prepared for mentally. Practically none of us are ready to be able to deal with people whom see the world in such a bleak, monochromatic way.

          I expect that the specific groups mentioned will first prey on their neighbors. The easiest targets from their perspective will probably be the working poor and well off urbanites. They will move on to progressively more difficult targets as they run out of resources.

          For those of us who live out in the countryside I still think the primary threat will be roving gangs built from the nucleus of what the essay describes. In order to escape the city they will have already organized. It will also probably be the tail end of the golden horde since it will have chased all of the more decent people away.

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            I think in-fighting will preclude a lot of the horde getting to the rural areas that most of us love and spend time in. Still, there will be a small (and by that time “battle-hardened”) group of hordites that very well might push forward into the rural settings. However, this particular group of city dwellers is very accustomed to city life and does not like forests, fields or critters that live there. They will not leave the cities until every last resource is gone and every building burned to the ground. I once saw an interview with a guy in New York City and he was asked how to get somewhere and he didn’t know. He asked some of his friends and they didn’t know. They had never been outside a 30 block square of their neighborhood. They had food from local stores, cable tv and checks in the mail, why leave to go anywhere else? It will be very hard for the city-boys to walk out and be effective when they are scared of every tree, snake, spider, coyote howl, bug, tick and noise. Add to that an MVT-trained group adding effective suppressing fire…yikes.

            One more quick anecdote about these people: there was a gang shoot out at the local Dairy Queen about 3 years ago. 84 rds of 9mm, 40SW, and .380 were fired during the altercation. No one was shot. Cars, houses, and a building across the street were the only casualties.

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              A couple of points:

              1) I agree with what Rowland wrote, “They will not leave the cities until every last resource is gone and every building burned to the ground.” With that said, by the time they leave the cities they will be battle hardened and well armed.

              2) The bottom dwellers in any city/town/village are like any disease. They will get stronger and adapt not unlike Ebola has. Like Ebola, they want to survive.

              3) Once there isn’t a host to feed on they will leave the city/town/villages and seek them out for sure. A solid SOP needs to be developed for your redoubt community to deal with these folks once they show up at the communities boundary.

              4) My group have debated regularly of what to do. The thoughts range from giving out Charity to just wiping out the blip that touches your communities invisible fence or boundary.

              I am a believer of assessing each situation and acting adoringly. Having a SOP made up with different scenarios and actions to take is a good idea. This will quickly help to determine which action you will take. I hate indecision.

              Good read MVF!

              From charity to death.

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                I’m a retired inner city fireman. For most of my career my station averaged at least a shooting per duty cycle and multiple stabbings. Usually more shootings than one. In these events I can’t remember more than a few that were greater than the Teuller length (21ft.) the most glaring distance shots were the innocent bystander or child in a house, crazy. I agree with the officer, keep them at at least 21ft. Distance is your friend. I only remember in 29 years maybe four or five shootings with a long gun. Most shootings were in that contact to 7yd. Zone. Awareness is your friend.

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                  There is something to be said about a very specific psychological affect I’ve noticed with these ISIS clowns recently. Their ease of victory so far has emboldened them immensely. It’s almost as if they had expected greater resistance and when that never materialized they new they had an international green light. This attracts recruits like nothing else. Expect the horde to find this in the early days.

                  I fully expect to see them running around in the city operating technicals openly with no resistance on CNN.

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                    One advantage those of us in the sticks, who are organized and trained will have, is in their overconfidence, alluded to above. They will be used to rolling over unprepared types, meeting little or no resistance. When they eventually run into determined resistance, they will panic, and that will be their downfall.

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                      This is where a system of intelligence will be important. Setting up a network will enable one to have foreknowledge of the enemy’s movements. Foreknowledge is one of the priciples Sun Tsu emphasized. I highly suggest people study “The Art of War,” a work just as relevant now as it was then.

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                        A good read – thanks. It reminds me of “Street Encounters and You” post by Danie Theron in March.

                        Bottom line – Know your enemy

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                          A guess or two , based on a composite group ,individuals will vary of course but – Mostly feral teens ranging to young men. The elders and kids will get … Eaten , so to speak. Some women , a few trailing kids will be in the rear – acting as an drag on forward momentum. Likely they get abandoned as Miles add up , posing a second wave of hostile migrants , after the raiders pass by or are otherwise dealt with.

                          most inner city residents don’t drive. They have mass transit , and stay withing walking distance of everything they do.

                          As they run out of resources they’ll walk. But when they see what open space looks like – it’s … Big – they’ll acquire vehicles.

                          New drivers , and people who’ve never seen open space will stay on the roads. Harden your roads , overpasses, crossroads, side roads and driveways. Whatever your resources will allow of course.

                          Tire shredders , nail embedded boards , implanted rebar sections , even a phone pole or tree trunk laid over will cause a goat f*** of a delay for your OP/LP to be able to assess threats.

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                            I think in-fighting will preclude a lot of the horde getting to the rural areas that most of us love and spend time in. Still, there will be a small (and by that time “battle-hardened”) group of hordites that very well might push forward into the rural settings.

                            There is truth to this. When Im out there miles from anything and I come across human sign, I know this person who left said sign is dedicated to being out there and doing what they are doing by taking it seriously. The same would be said for people left around after the hammer drops and making it out of the city. You can grantee they have learned a thing or two about getting what they need by any means necessary and knowing how to survive..


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                              The Army GH/K smartbook is probably an effective way to force template such irregulars:

                              U.S. Army Guerrilla Hunter Killer Smartbook Version 9.5

                              Page 1-5 has the basic GH/K irregular team: 4 long guns, a MMG (translate to some sort of RPK or AK-47 with lots of mags), an RPG gunner (translate to molotovs for civil disorder, I suppose), a light truck and maybe a moto, and a few cell phones or PTT walkies.

                              While parts of the horde will just be individual singletons, I would expect gangs and others to be more organized. The GH/K smartbook is probably as good a place as any for force templating the OPFOR.

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                                Already in my bug out area, I am more worried about the semi-city dweller type – the ones that live in the city but come out to hunt and act all redneck on the weekends. While I lived that style for years, I have heard many say “I will just move up to the hills and live off the land.” – this is something I cannot allow. I cannot feed every refugee that thinks they can shoot the deer on my land, next they will be on my cattle, and nest closer into my homestead. Stopping the refugees is my #1 priority – blowing a few key bridges – force them o expend fuel they cannot get on the loop.
                                Next Priority is my local Amish community – they will not defend themselves, I know I will have to do that and I am ready.
                                We also have our own local Meth heads (we have a Walmart thus we have our fair share of tweekers go there at 2AM and you will know what I mean). these people know the woods, they know the area, they have bad judgments and thought processes. Anyone here that are in the city with a bug out area needs to look at the local tweeker threat. it only take one ticking time bomb.

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                                  cynikal, you bring up a couple of points to think through. The local meth crews are a real threat because they are crazy and they may be willing to work together for their perceived common good. I am not sure the weekenders will ever get out of the city.

                                  The meth heads concern me.

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