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        I am attending the CRCD class in May. Lots of you all have attended the class. I want to maximize my time at the class and learn as much as possible. Max is very through with what to bring and what to expect, those details make it much easier to prepare for the class. I have attended quite a few classes and I also taught seminars for many years. I wish I could have given my students a list of what not to do before they got there, LOL! Anyone that has taught a class knows what I mean. Please give me a little insight as to the following, all in line with being a better participant in class.

        Equipment to bring for sure.
        Equipment maybe not to bring.
        What would you have done in the class different that would have helped you be more efficient. (say things like more magazines or maybe ammo)

        Please be constructive and this is all in the name of being a better student.

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          Random answers:

          -More ammo makes for more fun on day 2 when you are getting in the swing of tings.
          the Class can be done successfully with 500 rds but if u bring 700 youll have more fun on day 2.

          -Some dudes have gone thru 800 total but that was their own doing in the final exercise.

          -While u may not need every item in his list it is what u should bring to exercise your rig and be realistic.

          One of the effects of these classes is you learn a bit about configuration management w/ your gear.

          -Dont go all crazy and bring 1500 rds and 15 mags and 3 rifles.
          Bring 1 rifle that you know works with the ammo u are bringing.

          -On my 1st class i brought 2 rifles in case one went down and 2 types of ammo in case my rifles decide to have hiccups with steel in the cold weather.

          Wasnt needed but it did give me some piece of mind..

          -Boots. Make sure you have good proper boots, like army combat boots or similar.

          You need that protection in this terrain.
          Sometimes guys run it in 5.11 short shoe/boots but that increases your injury risk dramatically IMO.

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            Hey Jack, in terms of “fighting line” gear, I would recommend you bring what you have. That is, if you have a full on MVT style battle belt, wear it. Other AAR’s have correctly stated that you do not NEED anything special to complete the class, but you should train with the set up you currently have. For instance, I ran a full battle belt and PC. This totaled 11 mags. I never needed more than 2-4, but I wanted to test out my gear. Other than that the gear list and round count Max provides is pretty spot on.

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              -In May be SURE to bring Bugspray
              -If your boots arent broken in.. break them in.
              – I always wore more mags thna needed for the lane ( few lanes need more than 3 fulls mags max and most need alot less) but I wanted to exercise my gear as I would wear it real world, so I wore all 8 mags on me.

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                … oh and throw some blue painters tape on your mags. It makes them easier to find after you’ve dumped them in the dirt and you can always remove the tape when you get home.

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                  Also May give u plenty of time to get in better shape.

                  U dont have to be in great or even good shape to get a lot of value out of it but it makes the experience more fun.

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                    There that is what I was looking for, LOL. I do have the battle belt configuration. Interesting point, I had a vest setup and after reading Max’s writings on the belt I got one. Got it all setup last night and found something very interesting. The perceived weight is less, it is the same weight but feels lighter and more comfortable.

                    I do plan to bring what I believe to be my fighting setup. I have access to a private range and have been wearing my gear while shooting. Hopefully I will have it sorted before I get to class.

                    Blue tape on the mags, nice. I did see that in a class photo, now I get it. Thank you both for the input.

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                      Don’t forget ammo to get you home it’s no good use all your ammo on the training and have to go home with an empty gun. The odds are you will not need any but you will have your kit with you so you should have the ammo as well.

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                        Second what others said regarding ammo. I wore Merrell boots and I was fine. Also brought a backup rifle. One thing I will bring next time is a dump pouch for mags, as you don’t have time to go back up the lane to collect your empties. This was an issue I had. Also, for at least a few mags use HSGI taco magazine pouches. Not necessarily for your whole rig but a few. I had issues in the cold wet mud with gloves getting the bungee tabs off my mags for reloads. Same issues with buttons or Velcro. I’m doing the patrol class in May and I now have two double tacos on my left side.

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                          Thanks, great info.

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