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      First Sergeant

        I received an email from a student describing a situation that could have gone bad. It didn’t due to his situational awareness.

        Names and locations have been redacted.

        “I had a guy approach me at a gas station a couple weeks ago. 2100 and dark. 50 year old Guy was about 6 ft plus carrying a bag and metal rod. Luckily I remembered my lessons from Scott and did not let him get close. When he saw my hand on the Glock as I yelled what the fuck do you want in my deepest voice he quickly changed directions and stopped asking me about my car. He then waved me off and said have a nice trip. Could have been innocent. Who knows. I think that it would be good to get more training from 1SG next year.
        Thanks Scott.”

        He was paying attention to his surroundings. He didn’t let the guy get close.

        Notice the actions of the other guy? Asking about his car was an excuse to get close carrying a metal rod. That could have turned ugly quick. He realized that he wasn’t up against an easy victim and went somewhere else.

        This is the best outcome.

        Signal Out, Can You Identify
        Je ne regrette rien
        In Orbe Terrum Non Visi

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)


          Great example!

          For those in Florence area, this is something to get serious about it not already. People get weird during these events.

          Additionally beware of people needing help, it can be used against you. Not saying don’t be helpful, but caution is called for! :yes:

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            No one randomly approaching you has anything you need or want. Ever. Good work!

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              Sometimes too it’s just retarded fux that really don’t have any social skills or thought to these issues.

              I can’t tell you how many times skeezy looking crack ho’s have just walked to within 10 yards asking do you have a cigarette, blah blah blah.

              Your average dumbA just doesn’t get this.

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                Not so much applicable for the “stuck at the gas pump” scenario but consider when this sort of thing happens to keep moving.

                Often we sucked into “social norms”- i.e, it’s “rude” to walk off while someone is talking to you, put your hand up, etc. Screw that mess.

                Also when you get into the habit of moving a couple things happen-
                1. You’ve already broke the third unspoken “F” in the fight/flight continuum which is “freeze.”
                2. Continue to move tends to open up your view of the ENTIRE situation instead of focusing on just this one “dude” (and a guy named “dude” is responsible for 99% of the crime out there BTW). Often times “dude” is baiting you in and another is there either as a lookout or the one actually fixing to jack you.
                3. Subconsciously, you’ve already begun the fight, versus getting further behind the power curve.

                I’m not super excited about the normal “fence” or “interview” position with the palms facing out towards the perp. Can easily be seen as weakness. Yes, get your hands ready, all that, but you can do that without seeming like your doing that. I tend to raise my hands to about chest level and start using my fingernails like I’m picking crap out of my fingernails on the other hand. It accomplishes two things- I’m not in a (could be seen as) submissive hands up pose, and puts my hands up where they could be needed. An added bonus is the hands facing outward deal can also elevate the other person. Me picking my fingernails seems like I frankly don’t give a damn. Don’t stare at your fingernails obviously. Often times we can avoid the mess via keeping calm and using our actions to calm the other person. You can be ready to fight or even in the fight and still be calm.

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                  Heck, I just hose ’em down with gasoline…..seems to make people REALLY nervous…..of course, I make excuses, but I’ve never had anyone continue the advance…..

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