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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        There are many people gearing up in advance to the election, just in case things don’t go well.

        This is both good and bad. It’s good that some are taken a serious step in personal preparations, but bad in the sense that they have waited for such threat to prepare.

        Obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone buying things, many are just topping off the tank so to speak.

        Self-Reliance & Preparedness needs to be a lifestyle, otherwise you will spend too much time addressing the latest threat, only to move on to the next one that comes up!

        Believe me, there is is always another new threat that becomes prominent.

        I’ve been living a preparedness lifestyle my entire life, I was fortunate to be born into it.

        One thing I wanted to address is the quest for gear vice training.

        Gear can be lost, confiscated, and used up.

        Knowledge gained through training is forever!

        Sure we can always use some refresher training, but if you practice the skills that training provides, it can’t be truly lost.

        If you haven’t already, consider putting training at the top of the preparedness list.

        A bunch of stuff will not keep you alive, but quality training will.

        Are you wanting to lighten your pack?

        There is no better way to need less things than training and experience.

        Which is more important a AR15 (or whatever rifle) or training?

        Hopefully you are not in a position to have to choose between them, but if you are I highly recommend training first.

        I strongly believe it’s better to be trained than equipped.

        Does anyone here think its the weapon that makes Max and MVT Cadre effective?

        Something to consider. :yes:

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          Since my over all strategy is generally only limited by when I stop planting supply pods and building shelters along routes, my main focus is on PT.. I been destroying my own goals lately and constantly raising my own bar… I’m getting in 30-50 miles a week under a training ruck and its been paying off boundlessly..

          So its PT.. If the hammer dropped now id be in good shape, figuratively and literally..

          A persons gear should coincide with their experience and what they are putting into training.. One should always compliment the other..


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            Prep Plan Priorities:

            I Security
            1) Training
            -Sustainment, Rifle, Pistol, SUT
            -PT, strength, rucking, running
            -2) Weapons and Equipment
            -Weapons upgrades, increase ammo stocks
            -Equip upgrades, PC and new plates

            II Food Production
            1) Storage food, increase freeze-dried, canning
            2) Garden food, Roto-tiller upgrade

            III Shelter
            1) House upgrades, building materials for storms
            2) Alternate power upgrades, gas generator, solar
            3) Camping equipment upgrades, new cots
            4) New storage shed

            IV Survival Library
            1) Continue to build hard copy references


            In order of priority. Security takes precedence over food or shelter. Training takes precedence over weapons and equipment. Etc.

            This is a bug-in plan (for now).

            Bergmann is right. PT is a big priority.

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              Well, I’ve got about 50 lbs to lose, so am working on that is my ongoing, top priority.
              -No Sugar No Grains/semi-paleo diet combined with fasting
              – regular exercise, focusing mostly on jogging/biking with some planks and weights for spice

              Short-term, I’m going for my General and Extra Ham License and trying to get my wife to take the Tech exam and then get our Coms plan nailed for various scenarios.
              I’ve got a stripped lower that I need to get the rest of the parts for…which is fun since the budget ain’t got room in it for anything.

              Mid-term, we’re working on food stores. My cellphone is up in December, so I’m looking forward to using the new year to turn my old Android into a mobile digital ham box o fun.

              But yea, basically getting in shape, PT, getting some money to buy more guns and ammo is the name of the game.

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                1) Increase food stores. We have a good supply now, but we want even more. We have an extensive garden and can our produce. Work on pre-positioned food stores at retreat location. We also are going to add chickens.

                2) Get our well operating. Our property has a good well, which was disconnected by a previous owner when the house was sold to the people we bought it from. I want to install a solar powered system with a manual pump back-up.

                3) Upgrade weapons and increase ammo stores. One can never have enough ammo.

                4) Upgrade comms. Our team has a plan, and I need to purchase some equipment.

                5) Increase fitness levels for both of us. Self explanatory.

                5) Install wood stove.

                6) Purchase of good sized camper for preposition at retreat location in case our property becomes untenable.

                These are not necessarily in order of priority, just as they came to mind while posting. There are other ones, such as barn repairs that are normal maintenance routine.

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                  After observing two classes at MVT, my prep priorities are:
                  1. Get back on the fat boy program.
                  2. Start acquiring the base line of gear needed to attend MVT classes.
                  3. Build up round count needed for CRS.
                  4. Get into class.

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                  Brian from Georgia

                    1. Maintenance PT.
                    2. Training: 1-2X professional classes annually, every 2-3 months with our group
                    3. Security: fence the yard, harden the house
                    4. Additional three months dried and canned food
                    5. Food production: meat/milk goats, a couple pigs, more chickens, additional garden spots, fruit trees, berry bushes, more canning supplies, seeds and fertilizer, etc.

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                      Training is my top priority. To get the training, a certain level of fitness, gear, finances, travel mobility, and knowledge are needed. I bought my gear in support of, not in lieu of, training and its eventual applications. Obviously to get certain kinds of training, you must have certain kinds of gear, like NODs to take the night class. Which I don’t have yet, but will this coming year.

                      So my priority is to finish acquiring the necessary fitness and equipment to do everything MVT offers, as many times as I can, including and especially FoF and the challenges since the Rifleman/Vanguard standard is the baseline I want to meet.

                      Living in an apartment, some things are not on my prep list. Years of stored food, diesel generator, farming equipment, bomb shelter, drilling a well, etc. Instead I’m focused on flexibility, mobility, and portability. Knowledge is portable like Joe said, hence the studying and training goals. Also things like medical, comms, optics, SUT equipment, couple months’ food supply, water filters, navigation, ammo, etc. don’t take up much room in comparison.

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                      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                        Yearly and timely bump to go along with Robert’s offer to help inform.

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                          I’ve finished 2017s priorities, although I’m still awaiting delivery of my outbuildings. So I’ve moved up a couple other projects that were “phase 2”, while I’m still in project mode. One more big project I’m contemplating moving up is the dedicated propane tank, to a whole house generator.

                          There are some loose ends that’ll get finished up before the snow flies. And the interior work is all on me – and that’s helping with my PT goals. Lots of things are still “works in progress” and I’ll soon be free of nosy contractors I can’t trust (the remaining ones I can) and will begin working on setting up my home “range” and working on those skills in a regular fashion, before I forget what I learned.

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                          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                            Time for a yearly bump even though I missed it last year. :unsure:

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