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        I do not know if that is a good thing because of how fast I lost it but on 13 April I passed and got a 281 on my APFT but then when I weighed in I was at 200 pounds and I actually had body fat (dang French toast). With the past few weeks of not a lot of moving to the front I have been here on the Camp for 45 days doing two a days and eating veggies and fruit for lunch with cereal for Breakfest and dinner with a protein shake. I eat kashi go lean cereal 140 calories a cartoon before the milk with 10 grams protein and 10 grams of fiber. I know not sustainable but since I was only out a few days this was a easy diet and was able to get most of this and the powdered skim milk without an issue. Also with the heat, walking everywhere, water over soda or tea (unless its unsweet) I have been able to lose fat and my chest is bigger, waist smaller, and have a lot of definition in the arms, legs, and running the treadmill 7 miles in 44-45 mins.

        Should I watch out with the rapid fat loss, 27.5% to 19% is fast? I only lost 13 pounds so as of yesterday I weighed 187 right now down from 200. Should I watch out for the diet I am on? I am taking a multi vitamin pack that adds extra minerals you get from eating green plants.

        Celebrated with three fried eggs and bacon (yes pork) this morning after weigh in but went right back to veggies and fruit for lunch and right now craving a bowl of cereal and its only 1500.

        I am just wondering if I should be worried about how fast I lost the fat compared to only 13 pounds of weight.

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          In my experience the only issue with losing fast is allowing body to to stabilize by slowly readjusting diet to your new maintenance diet.

          I’ve seen many drop fast to only regain it back fast by returning to old ways of eating/drinking.

          To maintain results seems to require a slow readjustment, balancing food intake with exercise.

          I have struggled on occasion due to extended injury/illness and Winter holiday excess.

          For example: I can lean down quick using a modified Atkins diet (extreme low carb), but need to slowly add carbs after accomplishing goal to find my new maintenance norm.

          The method/time used to get there matters less than finding what will keep your at desired weight.

          So your current nutrition/diet isn’t ideal, but I wouldn’t be worried with it’s short term use.

          Hope this makes sense.

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            Remember also that the body doesn’t distinguish between dieting and starvation. This is one reason why yo-yo dieting is so detrimental to long-term health.

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