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          A nice explanation on why one wouldn’t want to be wearing armor all the time.

          In a past life I worked in the trades. Wearing a hard hat (holds in a ton of heat) with a tool belt outside on a summer day can be very draining. The extra calories and water intake would be sky high if people were tending to their land in a SHTF scenario and figured they would be running around with a PC, Helmet ect.

          Your advice is sound… tend your land keep a rifle and a Chest rig near by as an insurance policy.

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            Any of the gear give you issues during your drill?

            I do contact drills out at my place and one of my tacos coughed up a $20 dollar M%P .22lr mag which I am still looking for to this day.

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              Won’t speak for Max, but I’ll say that I lost a M&P mag out of my Esstac pistol pouch while on one of his tactical lanes, but luckily found it afterwards. I still love my Esstac pouches though.

              This was a great video, and really got me psyched for HEAT 2 in August. I usually wear my plate carrier but may go with a chest rig this time around since it’s been a while.

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                I can see using the BB (battle belt) around the house, doing basic chores. Having to use the tractor or moving about on an UTV, the chest rig and AR get tossed into the mix. The BB would allow me to fight back to the UTV or tractor where my rifle would be, and a resupply of full mags. If I’m understanding the concept correctly.

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