Video: GEAR: Fight Lite! Setting up your Mission Ready Operational Kit

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          A few other points of consideration with equipment/combat load:

          1) How is your fitness relative to your team?

          From an irregular force perspective, you are very likely mixing ages/fitness levels/etc. In an ideal case, there are enough people (and the breathing room) that everyone doesn’t need to fight, maybe even some fitness standards in place. Obviously, at some point, people are just a liability in a tactical sense. But to my point, load can be adjusted for individuals for the betterment of the team. The high speed young buck might be able to get away with more weight. Vice versa, the less in shape guy might never have the fitness, relative to the team, to wear plates. Remember, “it’s not about you”.

          2) How is your fitness relative to the enemy?

          The slower force puts itself at a disadvantage, and if it’s significantly slower, the enemy can take advantage of it pretty easily. Also, as people start to “red line,” their marksmanship, decision making and situation awareness all decrease.

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            Watched it on YT, seems pretty popular. I’m still trying to square away a battle belt since I am not happy how my Viking Tactics one rides up and around as it pleases.

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              Great bread-n-butter video. Hope it saves people time and money iterating through their kit setups. I spent too much time and money on that journey not knowing wtf I was doing in the beginning.

              Btw, check if your YouTube thumbnail graphics editing program has a stroke, drop shadow, or outline setting for the font. Adding that will make the yellow font contrast nicely and contribute to clicks.

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