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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        Due to the unique backgrounds of our Forum members I thought it might be interesting to do some “what if” discussions based on real events we have experienced.

        If you have a scenario you think is worth discussion just add a number to above title. Example: “Unusual Scenarios: What would you do? #2” and start a new Thread.

        It’s the early 1980’s, four of us are getting a late start going out around 2130L. I am driving a 70’s four door sedan and we are all relatively young military guys. We had left the back gate on our way to a quiet “hole in the wall” bar with pool tables in a small town near base. It’s dark with no other traffic in the boonies. We are approaching a clover leaf style entrance to interstate. After turning onto the on ramp in a gradual left hand turn about halfway up, there is a body in the middle of the road.

        What would you do?

        Depending on interest/participation I’ll detail our actual response and outcome later.

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          Stop. Activate my emergency lights. Send two to check the body and provide aid, other is cover. One stays with the car. The fourth starts walking down the embankment to let approaching vehicles know to slow down and/or get a ride to go get help.

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            Pretty good! :good:

            I was driving, one of the guys unbuckeled to get out and I said wait!

            Hit my flashers and backed up to create a little distance (equals reaction time). This also got us out of center of road to the side, but kept headlights on body.

            Unlocked and opened glove box to retrieve .357 Ruger and maglight flashlight, popped trunk open button in glove box. Had front passenger start calling channel 9 React on CB (pre-cellphone days).

            Had one guy stand at back of vehicle to warn other vehicles and have access to Mossberg 12 gauge in trunk, gave other guy a S&W .38 to cover me while I checked body.

            I was concerned about Looking like a check point in Beirut which is why I kept long guns in trunk, but accessible. It was really dark and we could see any normal traffic a long way out.

            Seeing someone down on the road like that where you normally don’t see pedestrians got me suspicious it could be a setup or something equally wrong.

            Turns out body was a passed out drunk guy, still breathing with no obvious trauma, but reeked of alcohol. So I left him in place, updated React and waited for LEO and ambulance. When we saw Deputy approaching, flashing lights no siren, we put away firearms and closed trunk before his arrival.

            Deputy was cautious, but profesional. We stayed until ambulance arrived. Not a lot of backup close by in that very rural area.

            Looking back I am pretty happy with our response, we were all young E-3’s at the time.

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              Man, I wish I had a dollar for every drunk I’ve found passed out in the road or alleyway.

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              Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                Many miss the point of being cautious and never assume things are as they seem.

                I had remembered the stories about people putting something in the road to make victims stop, then getting robbed. This had happened for awhile in a rural area when I was young.

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                Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                  Another take away is it doesn’t have to be a major engagement to learn things to apply to your what if scenarios.

                  Here is another one…

                  Your driving down a busy four land road in town in the early 1980’s. It’s you and one passenger. You both have first aid training and good first aid kit in car. A couple cars ahead of you see a pedestrian go flying through the air after being struck by a car on side walk. The car races away at a high rate of speed.

                  What would you do?

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                    2nd scenario:stop at the pedestrian. decide among driver & passenger who is better to attend the victim while the other finds a payphone to call the police. I don’t recall, was 911 in effect in early 80’s ? also see if driver & passenger can agree on make, model & color of car

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                    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                      I don’t recall, was 911 in effect in early 80’s ?

                      Interesting side note:

                      By 1987, those figures had grown to indicate that 50% of the US population had access to 9-1-1 emergency service numbers.

                      …and currently…

                      Approximately 96% of the geographic US is covered by some type of 9-1-1.

                      Quality answer “farmer!”

                      Of course being young, dumb, and motivated…

                      Buddy leaped out with First Aid kit and military wool blanket to try to stabilize victim. It was a good thing because bystanders wanted to pick up victim and take into air conditioned store victim landed by. Between moving without proper gear and possible negative affects of cold air on treating shock. Friend was also young at the time and he had to get pretty vocal to prevent this.

                      …meanwhile it only took seconds to drop friend off…

                      I headed off in pursuit of hit and run driver, intent on just getting plate information.

                      Driver took first right into a subdivision. Another person; unknown to me, who had witnessed everything saw this also.

                      It was a good thing driver took this turn, since that vehicle outperformed mine in straightaways, but not in twisting turns of this subdivision. Got plate info and had contacted CB channel 9 React who was relaying information to police. I decided to continue to follow, but at a reduced intensity just keeping in sight.

                      That other person who saw beginning of my pursuit? Turns out he knew there was only one way out of subdivision and he and yet another guy blocked the only exit. Turns out they knew victim so this was personal for them. When hit and run driver stopped at this improvised roadblock, I stopped almost on his bumper. This guy was not happy! Started racing his engine like he was going to try pushing his way through, when one of the other roadblock guys reached in and pulled keys out and threw them in bushes. Hit and run guy locked doors and rolled up windows.

                      I had to convince other two guys to wait for police vice breaking out window for some old fashion justice. Police arrived, gave a statement and thus ended my first car chase! ;-)

                      Hindsight and several decades of hard earned maturity later, I realize how lucky I was that things worked out. It certainly seemed right at the time and I wouldn’t rule out pursuing someone again, but it’s a bigger risk than my “younger me” realized.

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