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        This is the follow up to the Recon (Recce) patrol video. Again, anyone who has done attack day on CP, now HEAT 2, will be familiar with this.

        FRV = ORP.

        On this patrol, they do not occupy the ORP by force, but conduct a recon of it before lc
        occupation and return for the main group.

        They do conduct a leaders recon, making use of the recon patrol commander. CLC graduates will be familar with this.

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          This video should help convince students that they need to take all of your courses leading up to CLC to learn this process. It really is a step by step advancement to planning and leading a mission. Learning how to shoot and manipulate your weapon on a square range is just the first step.

          And to be honest once you have gone through this progression to CLC, you will be familiar how to do it, but you will not be good at it. That takes reps. This is why a lot of the alumni take all these classes repeatedly to try to get better. I typically see the same core alumni every time I come. If you really want to learn how to be lethal, and I am not talking about how you shoot, then you want to take all these courses and repeat.

          HEAT 1(CTT) X 3
          HEAT 2 (CP) X1
          FOF X3
          OPFOR X2
          CLC X2

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          D Close

            This also makes the point of manning a patrol with guys who know what they’re doing. Running a night recce for the first time with a team you’ve just started working with is an eye opener.
            I think back to all the stupid I needed to get rid of: the lack of noise discipline. The gear problems. Losing shit. Getting lost. Multiply that by 12 dudes and you realize how badly this could go.
            Think about the individual skills that are required before you could even think about sending out a small recce with a chance for success. Some of this I’ve fixed, not all. I like to think most folks here are working on that list. Many outside the paywall are not and they are wrong.

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