Threats vs Training: What's your Level of Preparedness?

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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        Anyone who is paying attention can see the potential for experiencing a violent event. From economic collapse to a robbery, there are many threats.

        It’s your responsibility to decide what is a realistic threat(s) for you.

        Personally I don’t believe in a narrow focus, by preparing for a broad spectrum of threats I am more likely to be prepared for anything that comes my way.

        Gear is transient, training can’t be lost, stolen, or destroyed. Sure both require maintenance, but gear without skill is a fools errand.

        If your reading this I’ll assume you have a interest in Max’s “Whole Warrior” concept.

        MVT supports and actively promotes the Whole Warrior concept to include: physical fitness, skill at arms, tactical training, teamwork, communication, decision making, leadership and performance under pressure. It is the goal of the information and training provided by MVT to support the development of the Warrior Mindset in proactive armed citizens.

        Let’s not overlook that the above will pay dividends in your day to day life even if you never have to face a deadly threat.

        Here is a easy self assessment to see where your Level of Preparedness really stands.

        Add up all of the money you have spent on gear.

        Now add up all of the money you have spent on training for the same period of time as you acquired gear.

        Now you have a tangible way to rate your true preparedness.

        More to follow…

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          Interesting thought re: training costs vs gear costs. I’d be interested to know what my ratio is. I’m just glad to say that my training costs are measured in the thousands (my gear costs are too though).

          I have reached the point where I don’t need more gear so essentially all costs going forward are towards training and ammo.

          In an initial stage; beginning to happen or develop.

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            Something to consider. :good:

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              Definitely a good reminder!


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