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        As this is happening all over the world in food producing countries thin
        think of what this is doing to food security:

        And this food security effects are even pre-oil crisis (which despite the shale “revolution” is coming).

        No need to fascist gov’t to make things worse.
        But in bad times such gov’ts tend to develop.

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          Down here in SW Ga we been getting so much rain the planting has been pushed back……looks like we’ll be flyin past thanksgiving! It’s drying out though which is good our customers need to get the rest of their crop in the ground.

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            Mmmm… O-kay let me firmly attach my tin foil hat here…O-Kay.

            Speaking to Ca. only, most of that drought is .gov driven thanks to endangered species regulations by EPA.

            Remember, the easiest way to control folks is through food distribution.

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              Don’t forget the artificial corn shortage created by the ethanol mandate.

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