The Death of the Golden Hour and the Return of the Future Guerrilla Hospital

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        Not read it all yet. will see if it attaches. Thanks to Diz for sending to me.

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          Hey Guys, I think this is interesting, especially in light of current events.

          The gist of the article is SF medics returning to their roots, and establishing medical clinics, up to and incl emergency war surgery out in the wild. With an emphasis on using host nation assets and facilities, versus relying on organic assets, which in our case may be non-existent. So yeah a healthy tie-in with local medical staff, as an “auxillary” so to speak, in support of the effort.

          Specifically the death of the golden hour refers to the fact that extended care may be necessary, in the field, with no “medivac” capability available, so this is a paradigm shift form conventional civvy medical doctrine to one that’s more supportable, for us, in the field.

          It’s a good read, especially concerning OSS experiences in France and Yugoslavia during the WWII. Basically, de-centralizing medical support in the field, where wounded soldiers are treated and hidden at the local level.

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            Wow! Very Interesting, thanks for posting DizNC and for hosting it Max. This will truly test my goldfish level attention-span…

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              Ha yeah it starts out a little dry but gets good once you get into it.

              He repeats himself a lot but that works for my short term memory, well shortage.

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