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        Someone recently had asked me about Kelly Starrett, and his book “Becoming a Supple Leopard”.

        It’s something that I mentioned once before, but I thought it worthy of it’s own post.

        Flexibility/mobility is a HUGE issue for many people in terms of being able to effectively train functional movements. It’s usually completely neglected by most people. The consequence to that is that you might have some glaring issues that either prevent you from doing certain movements (best case scenario) or perform a movement in a compromised body position that can/will lead to injury (worst case scenario). Flexibility/mobility, as an outcome, will reduce you chances for injuries, both major and minor, and in conjunction with a solid workout routine will greatly increase your durability and performance as a warrior.

        I strongly recommend, at the least, checking out Kelly’s youtube channel. He has tons and tons of videos covering all the possible bases you might be interested in, from a mobility/self-care perspective. He’s a true expert/professional and has personally influenced my own training.

        Check it out:

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          Good stuff as always.

          Flexibility/mobility is a HUGE issue for many people…

          I let this slide for a time when I first retired and it was difficult to back what I lost.

          Its always easier to maintain than regain. ;-)

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            Thinking about adding in yoga to some of the stuff we do.

            Rolling with young, hard charging geeked up wrestlers all the time takes it toll on a mid 40’s type even when you work relaxed.

            Mobility is important and very overlooked as JM said. That and technique and timing is how I survive combatives against younger, stronger and faster guys.

            Floor exercises are a good way to see how your body really can work well as far as mobility, flexibility, etc.

            Simple stuff like laying flat with legs outstretched and with as little tension as possible, lift your legs over your head and do a back roll from there. Or getting up from that same position without using your hands. That’s a very valuable technique to know for weapons handling work as well. And the motions of practicing it will open up your hips a bit.

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              Yoga is great for mobility but “time consuming”. You might be able to target some of your problem areas in other ways/more frequently (multiple times per day) and get similar benefit for less time.

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                A lot of the Systema work utilizes exercises that tend to focus on and relieve/remove tension from the body as well.

                I remember one seminar we laid on the ground and got slowly hit with sticks for about 20 minutes. I almost fell asleep it was so relaxing. Best massage I’ve ever had and I didn’t have to tip :) LOL

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                  Dr. Starlet is awesome. His stuff works. A few minutes with a lacross ball can clear up a ton of issues.

                  His book “Becoming a Supple Leopard” is fantastic. Beyond having his take on mobility exercises, he also walks you through how to properly do many of the exercises done in modern crossfit or HIIT type training. It goes from proper standing posture all the way to the overhead squat. Furthermore his ideas on tension , torque, and stability is great. I cannot suggest it enough.

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