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        The past two years we have done a 25 day workout program leading up to Christmas (Fitmas I and II). This past Christmas, I pushed out that workout plan privately.

        Since I know some of you are at home, social distancing in response to the COVID19 pandemic, I’m posting up Fitmas II for anyone interested.

        Bear in mind, this isn’t a fitness program per se, but rather a broad range of workouts (some are simply tests). Doing the full 25 days WILL likely get you in better shape, at the very least, it’ll highlight relative strengths and weaknesses. You can then make an informed decision on where you need the most work.

        Apologies for any formatting issues, I was copy and pasting via mobile.

        If you’re thinking “what the hell is he talking about?” With some of the workouts below, just ask for clarification.

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          Day 1 30 min
          Farmer Carry
          10x Burpee Penalty

          Day 2 Ruck 45 minutes (easy pace)

          Day 3 15 min AMRAP
          5x Pullups
          10x Pushups
          15x Lunges

          Day 4 Warrior Yoga

          Day 5 5 Rounds for Time
          50m Sled Drag
          15x KB Swings (or pack swings)
          20x 4-count Flutter Kicks

          Day 6 10 min AMRAP
          Run 100m
          10x Clapping Pushups

          Day 7 3 Rounds for Time
          Bear Crawl 20m
          10x Push Press
          10x Plank Pull Throughs
          Run 400m

          Day 8 Ruck 30 minutes (easy pack weight) with an object (dumbell, jerry can, etc)

          Day 9 Max Standing Broadjump

          Day 10 6 Rounds of Tabata:
          Push Press
          Double Unders

          Day 11 For Time:
          Run 800m
          30x Burpees
          30x Sandbag Zercher Squat
          30x Single Arm Landmine Push Press
          Run 800m

          Day 12 For Time:
          1600m Sled Drag

          Day 13 Ruck 60 minutes (do this as active recovery)

          Day 14 15 min AMRAP
          10x Sandbag Clean
          6x Turkish Getups

          Day 15 5 Rounds for Time:
          100m Sandbag Carry (heavy)
          5x Pullups
          10x Knees to Elbows

          Day 16 20 minute AMRAP:
          Run 400m
          16x Lunges
          8x Burpees
          4x Deadlifts

          Day 17 15 minutes of Climbing (whatever you can find, be careful, stay low) (tree, rock, a fence, a ladder, etc)

          Day 18 Tabata (5 rounds each)
          Ground to Overhead

          Day 19 Ruck 30 minutes (heavy)

          Day 20 5 Rounds for Time:
          10x Thrusters
          10x Pullups
          Run 200m

          Day 21 20 min AMRAP w/ Pack:
          10x Push Press
          10x Pack swings
          10x Squats

          Day 22 Cover 800m by:
          Burpee Broadjump, weight throw (relatively heavy), or bear crawl….mix and match as desired

          Day 23 5 Rounds for Time:
          15x Box Jumps
          3x Hand-over-Hand Sled Pulls (10m)

          Day 24 Ruck 6 Miles

          Day 25 12 Days of Fitmas:
          1x Sandbag Thruster
          2x Sandbag clean
          3x 4-count Flutterkicks
          4x Burpees
          5x Pack Swings
          6x Situps
          7x Jump Over 18” Hurdle
          8x Pushups
          9x Lunges
          10x Sandbag Deadlift
          11x Pullups
          12x Toes to bar

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          Robert Henry

            I am sooo glad we picked up a new treadmill a few weeks ago. When your tethered to a phone taking orders, you can get short runs in sometimes between calls.

            Kettlebells- nice to carry around the house a couple times a day (Farmer’s carry I believe they are called). Shoulder shrugs, curls, overhead twirls. Go to kneeling keep back straight hold your flavor of kettle bell like a 35 goblet fashion in your hands in the center of your body and keeping your back straight lean back as far as you can. Variation- lean back as far as you can raise KB and paint a picture in big circle.

            You can do the leanbacks without KB also.

            This sort of thing is helping me burn off a lot of stress.

            And get an Airsim rifle from Max asap- then you can practice manipulations and shoot BBs in the backyard while on quarantine if you can’t go to the range. :good:


            Lost my MVT class list- been here a time or two :)
            Team Coyote. Rifleman Challenge- Vanguard

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              Nice, good stuff! :good:


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              Tony S

                And get an Airsim rifle from Max asap- then you can practice manipulations and shoot BBs in the backyard while on quarantine if you can’t go to the range.

                This is on my purchase list, but honestly given the townhouse community I live at in Fairfax county, I’ll have SWAT rolling in on me if I were to walk into my backyard with an “evil-looking black rifle”, let alone put out some paint with it. :wacko:

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                  Thank you for posting this JohnnyMac!
                  As a courier for a major delivery company I have not had (or taken) the time to do the Fitmas workout plan, as this occurs during our busiest time of year. Usually during that “peak” time I get in 8-10 miles humping packages in varied terrains and conditions, so I’ve never felt pushed to add more workout time.

                  Even now, as Austin and the surrounding counties will most likely go under shelter in place regulations, my job will still be busy delivering. I suspect that I will have time to work in the plan though.

                  Thank you again!

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                    You’re welcome, let us know how you make out on the workouts!

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                      I am working up to 500 two arm kettlebell swings a day for four weeks. I am currently at 200 for my next workout. I’m working up to it…started at 100 and add 20 per day, working out three times a week due to stiffness. I have already noticed a difference in movement performance.

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