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        With a new year upon us, and maybe some new goals, I wanted to mention about fitness logs.

        Keeping track of what you do, when you do it and what your results were are critical for tracking and maintaining progress and really help you achieve your long term goals.

        Some additional reading on the topic:
        The Importance of Journaling
        The Importance of Keeping a Fitness Journal

        A few of my recommendations:
        1) Although they sell purpose made fitness logs/journals, you can just as easily grab a year-based daily planner and write in it.

        2) Keep it somewhere easily accessible and visible, so that you can periodically pick it up and page through what you’ve done so far

        3) Have some training goals you are working towards. My recommendation is to use SMART goals tied to performance. Skip the weight loss poundage goal.

        Bonus tip not tied directly to fitness logs:
        If you’re making changes to your fitness regime, focus on consistency first. Remember, you’re in for the long haul.

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