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      Greg Owens

        I am intentionally keeping this very simplistic to emphasize calorie
        counts and food bulk.
        13 man squad plus family= 60 people. It is generally accepted the
        average person’s needed yearly calorie count is equal to 1000 lbs.
        ( 20 50 lb. bags) of grains. 60 people times 20 = 1200 bags.
        1 year storage 600 bags rice and 600 bags corn. 30 pallets from

        To replenish this at harvest time would require planting 5 bu.(50 lbs.
        each) of say Reid’s Yellow Dent corn seed over 20 acres to yield
        1200 50 lb. bushels. Intersperse this corn with pole beans and
        squash. Throw in 2 acres of bush beans ( pintos and dk. red kidney).
        Add 8 acres of vegetables, vine fruits, potatoes, tree fruits, and

        To reiterate,
        1 year food storage in place.
        30 acres plowed and disced (with 100 gal. of diesel).
        Throw in seeds and pallets of salt, sugar, canning jars, pool shock,
        and a hell of a lot of wood, water, and work.
        You have to have everything ready and in place. No other way.

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          Not only produce the raw foodstuffs, but there are storage and prep considerations, and we have not even touched on field feeding while on an operation. It is long term sustainability that keeps you in the fight.

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            Most people never think through long-term resupply during any long-term emergency. (‘Oh, I’ll be fine, I’ll just go deer hunting!’ – you and 300,000,000 other people)

            Anyone who thinks that something could ever kick off here in the US and doesn’t think long-term logistics needs to stop and think about it. Where does the vast majority of your food come from? (‘But alot of people grow food around me! I live in farming country!’ – yea, but how is that food stored, you know, over the winter? How is it planted, fertilized, irrigated, harvested, processes, transported to markets? How are YOU going to store it? What, you think you are guaranteed to have electricity to run that fridge and freezer? Much less the fact that disruptions of the food supply is going to pretty much be guaranteed)

            If it’s bad enough to kick off in the US, it’s bad enough that the basic part of society can / will collapse.

            You may also want to factor in….targeting of your crops by the Bad Guys.

            If you’ve never looked into what it takes to grow crops / raise animals the OLD SCHOOL way, before petroleum based fertilizers, where you have to rotate crops and fields, lowered yields, having to can all your own stuff, till, plant, irrigate, harvest, can, etc. without access to electricity, modern fertilizers, and at best lowered quantities / qualities of fuel, now might be a good time to start. (Also, do you have a root cellar to store the hundreds of mason jars, etc. that it takes to feed even a family of 4? Do you have a way to cook food without electricity? What, going to cook on the wood stove in the house…in the middle of summer when it’s already 102F outside?)

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              There is a book titled “Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide” by Jim Cobb. Might be a good place to start for some folks. Usual disclaimer: I don’t know the guy and am not affiliated with him.

              I guess i am blessed in the fact that i live in the country and both a neighbor and a best friend have hobby farms. They are doing things old school. Think about this for a second – we have been on the earth for between 7,000 and 350,000,000 years depending on who you ask. We should be able to feed ourselves by now lol. Hard work will be required but not a degree in rocket science. Plenty of resources are out there like people, books, classes etc.

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