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        Shortbread up there is one nasty little mamma grizzly…I pity the fool who messes with her farm or family.

        CRCD is quite simply one of the most intense experiences I have ever had. I was not really sure what I was getting into, as I have had no prior tactical training whatsoever. I have spent years punching paper and shooting critters, but never anything like this. While it has been 3 full days now since I returned home from RMP and CRCD, I have thought of little else.

        I had thought that I was reasonably prepared to defend my farm during a failure of civility. After going through Max’s class, I realize that I would have been toast had someone shown up with even a modicum of combat training. However, after CRCD I am seeing things so differently, and am finally feeling comfortable in the the totality of my preps, and am confident that I can unleash hell upon anyone that would threaten my farm or family. I cannot wait to return to take CRCD again and the Patrol class, and further cement the myriad of skills that Max teaches. 5 more days at MVT may just change me forever.

        Max is such a pro, so good at what he does, and so very passionate about his craft. You may arrive as a redneck farmer like me, but believe it that this man will start turning you into a warrior in short order. You had best leave your pride, ego, and any preconceived notions of you abilities at home. Max will not tolerate anything unsafe, or any drill not run with your best effort, or run through to the end point. I have been the dealer of ass chewings for the past 15 years…not the receiver. But I daresay you will receive one or two during the class, and you will come out a better man for it. Passionate perfectionists have ways of making their point very clearly.
        I cannot recommend CRCD and MVT more highly. Max, Aaron and F. are some of the most competent, dedicated people I have met, and it gives me great hope that such quality people are working to strengthen the patriots of this once great country.
        Well done Max.

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          You wrote a great AAR there as well! (thanx for the kind words )
          Would you like me to split it out and make it it’s own post? :yes:



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            You wrote a great AAR there as well! (thanx for the kind words )<br>
            Would you like me to split it out and make it it’s own post?

            Forgive my Forum ineptitude, I dont get out much :-)

            Indeed you may split this post out if it provides better structure to your forum. I guess same goes for the RMP aar as well.

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              Great review though ;)

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