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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

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        D Close

          There’s not enough rope and it’s made in China.

          Tucker is one of the few bright spots out there. Bannon has been banging this drum for years.

          How do we disentangle from this monster? That old saw about a expecting a man to understand something when his income depends on him not understanding it, rings true.

          Maybe there is an opportunity with this pandemic to create some breathing room? Didn’t Kudlow allude to that?

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            Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the Bundy affair in Nevada in 2014 because Harry Reid’s son was in bed with a Chinese solar energy company? IRC, the real reason for all that was because the Chinese company wanted the land to build a solar energy farm and Bundy told them to pound sand.

            Any truth to that?

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              Any truth to that?

              I personally did not dig very deep into that, however I believe there was enough credible evidence that should have been investigated regarding what you have outlined.

              Unsurprisingly it was never pursued to my knowledge.

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                I kind of like Tucker, he comes so close to hitting the nail on the head but he always holds back at the last moment.

                Our existing corporate capitalism prioritizes profits over everything else, so of course they won’t let any notions of liberty or community get in the way of that. We see it stateside when CEOs and shareholders, from their safe ivory towers, spend billions to ban guns, deplatform those who hold unpopular views, ship jobs overseas, import cheap foreign labor (legally or illegally) faster than we can integrate them, force liberal values onto conservative communities faster than they are willing to embrace them, etc.

                We need a new form of market economy. Concentrations of capital create a tiered society where some have a voice and some don’t, and the haves always have and always will use their wealth to constrain the liberties of the have-nots. Every presidential election is little more than the disenfranchised pleading to the millionaires and billionaires running to not further take away their rights. The only way we can address this is to break the crutches the state has given the corporatists and push towards a society where there is a more equitable distribution of capital ownership.

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                  … push towards a society where there is a more equitable distribution of capital ownership.

                  (Bolded for emphasis)

                  Umm, no…..heck no….f555 no.

                  ANY time I hear someone say “more equitable distribution” (or ANY similarity) the red flags fly.

                  WHY?? I ain’t rich but I’ve worked my a$$ off for what my family does have. Long hours, nights, weekends, holidays to both prepare for and actually work.

                  Your comment flies in the very face of liberty. While we are all “created” equal (as acknowledged by our very founding document), equal results are NEVER guaranteed.

                  You don’t like your “capital”? Move, learn a new trade, etc. And I’m NOT being flippant – I’ve moved my family for work – leaving extended family so I can provide for my immediate family.

                  Again, I’ll state it loud and clear – your comment (as quoted above) flies in the very face of liberty. If I misunderstood, please explain.

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                    If people don’t own their own capital, they’re subject to the whims of those who do. Money is power, money talks.

                    Yes, I believe that more cooperatives and ESOPs are the way forward. Every American owning some capital in their place of business is economic self-defense against those who would deprive them of liberty via the force of capital, the same as every American owning a firearm is physical security against those who would use force of arms. The same way you need to work to buy a firearm, you need to work to own capital, and it should be as easy to acquire capital as it is a firearm.

                    If the workers themselves are reaping the profits of their own hard work, and using it how they see fit, that means those profits aren’t filtering upwards to CEOs and shareholders who consistently seek to crush liberty with their millions in spare change. The profits We the People deny these statist CEOs is power that can’t be used against us.

                    If this




                    Or this


                    Is the cost of living in a “free society” we’ll find ourselves as capitalist as any other country but with no individual liberties, ask the Europeans.

                    Did Bloomberg earn his money fair and square? Wal-Mart? Dick’s? Maybe they’d be a lot less powerful if there weren’t countless tax breaks, infrastructure grants, bailouts, etc. towards keeping them afloat and strong against the Mom and Pop shops that used to fuel our economy. I’m sure you’d agree that much.

                    Levi’s pays their people to attend gun control rallies. You think they’d pay them to attend Lobby Day? Hell, it might cost them professionally if they even spoke of gun rights. The worker-owner, either as a single entrepreneur or as a member of a cooperative, does not face that same pressure.

                    I don’t think anyone here assumes Bloomberg is extremely wealthy because he is an infinitely harder worker than the rest of us. If he was, perhaps he would have the moral authority to assume he knows what’s better for us than we do. ;-)

                    I am 1000% *against* any action by the state to seize the workplaces (sorry Bernie) or to deny one the liberty of starting a corporation, I am suggesting that whatever wealth redistribution that did occur would do so *organically* as a result of free market activity, would actually much better reflect the fruits of one’s own labor, and would deny those who were wealthier such an oversized say in our national dialogue as they currently enjoy.

                    I intend to suggest a much more radical equality of opportunity, not of outcome, but highlighting that the billionaire class does not play by the same rules as any single (or collective) of entrepreneurs.

                    If our economic structure was one that was amenable to the preservation of liberty, we wouldn’t be so desperate as to skirt around sedition against the state with talk of a boogaloo.

                    Tucker is correct to note that the statists are using our economy against us, he just doesn’t connect the dots.

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