So I tried an AFG today…

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        And I gotta say, it just feels weird to me.

        Is it just me? Does it take some getting used to? I have shot with a VFG for years, and am really comfortable with that (other than the fact that the grip wants to hit me in the nuts if I let the rifle hang) but the AFG just felt awkward.


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          Hey Eric, sorry for my ignorance: What is a AFG? Thx

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            Hey Johnny…

            Angled Front Grip, the Magpul version.

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              About a year ago I converted all my AR’s to AFG from VFG because:

              a) It felt great when holding the rifle in the living room while gesturing at the TV.
              b) They look more elegant
              c) appealed to the minimalist in me

              BUT as I ran realistic courses (Max Velocity) I found out that when I mount both a AFG and VFG , I never really use the AFG !! It’s either the VFG in the Patrol ready and when doing aimed shots in the prone which was were I figured the AFG would shine my body naturally wants to default to the magazine well grip.

              After a few weekends running both I took off all my AFG’s and run VFG’s only now.

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                What did the TV do to piss you off bro??

                I know a professional counselor if you need to talk it out. ;-)

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                  I changed the allowed attachment sizes..
                  Now dont everyone go crazy with the big attachments now.. anyhow:

                  Here some examples of both on LWRC M6A2 Cerakote with the 14.7 pinned barrel.
                  Running just AFG, just VFG and both

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                    Nice lookin rig…

                    was there a perceived advantage of having both types of grips?

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                      I thought there would be, but in the end the configuration that worked (marginally) best was only runnig the VFG.
                      but running both the AFG AND the VFG was not bad.. and i can imagine depending on PoU and bodybuild some might like it best… it was definitely a close second behind running only VFG.

                      This is the result of trial and error on Max’s tactical course, which IMO is an excellent way to shake out your preferred configuration, when shooting while moving and taking cover in terrain.

                      Because thats what matters not square ranging.

                      (On the square range however the AFG feels real good)

                      And I believe in Cali VFG’s are not allowed so I would happily run an AFG there and consider it superior than just the old school hand guard.

                      Attached is a pic of an AFG on a Sig516 comparing AFG and VFG and a pic that shows an AR w/ both mounted

                      just an AFG looks real elegant IMO and is definitely better than just a handguard for function but the (now old schoolish) VFG IMO performs better in the patrol-ready and when throwing the gun up to react to a surprise target.
                      There is simply more grip surface on the VFG making for more positive control in those situations.

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                        I run a cut down KAC VFG over the AFG because I can post off a support with it better when needed and the stubby is about the same length so it’s not in the way.

                        I tried going sans VFG but found too many situations where I could use it to elevate the rifle off cover and they are a good safety margin for not shooting your car hood. :)

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                          Thats another great use while I like a VFG. It makes a great monopod at times :yahoo:

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                            I had a vertical then went to an AFG and now have nothing. Neither was comfortable to me.

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                              Lately I’ve been using a VFG that I chopped about an inch off of to make it stubby. I’ve always used VFGs more as a handstop than a grip, so this works for me. I had gone away from VFGs completely but found that it helped to have one when using the light and found that it seemed to help overall for CQB purposes. For longer range shooting the stubby grip doesn’t get in the way as much. I prefer the magazine monopod when in the prone unsupported. The stubby VFG was adopted with this in mind as well.

                              I’ve noticed that there are some stubby grips out going for ridiculous $$. Mine was the price of a Magpul RVG and a couple minutes with a hacksaw and some sandpaper.

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                                I’m on (sort of) the same page as Chuck- I run a VFG, and use sort of a hybrid-handstop style grip with it.
                                Tried an AFG once- hated it, ironically because I felt like it didn’t give me enough grip for better control- felt like my hand wanted to slide down it versus locking up with it.

                                Also, Chucks idea for the chopped down M-pul RVG for use as a handstop, is the best idea for that if you want a short vert-grip for cheap, but that isn’t a POS.

                                The other reason I keep a classic VFG is for the storage core- I keep some tools and stuff like small zip ties in it for anything bolted to my rifle. Not like I expect anything to come loose since it’s all loktited/cranked down/witness marked, but then that’s why unexpected things are… unexpected. ;-)

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                                  When pistol competitors started shooting isocoles stance , people thought it was weird. Pro competitors proved them wrong , for their intended use – sporting use. Now Weaver, point shooters , and other older methods are considered outdated.

                                  I found the AFGs to be perfect for their intent , which was a posture and stance totally alien to me and most people who buy them without really knowing why ( that would be me ).

                                  It’s intended for multiple targets with a red dot sight , a fully frontal body presentation with the support hand arm extended as far forward as possible, and the hand rotated up & over the guard to where it’s almost palm down.

                                  For competitors this appears to be the super fast winning technique. For people with body armor it presents the plates for maximum use.

                                  With my eyes opened a bit (enough to get myself in trouble probably) I am rethinking the Philosophy of Use.

                                  The device isn’t needed for the shooting technique I described above , any A2 round guards would suffice , or a $450 carbon fiber free float cool guy tube. And it doesn’t really apply to shooting prone.

                                  The system does work , and it is , in my experience faster. But it is intended for the guy who is standing in the open wailing away at a whole bunch of targets – …. Max has commented on the danger of one of your targets shooting you in the head while re-enacting a MagPul YouTube video.

                                  I’m going to remove them from my rifles.

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